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Comment: Re:Sensitivity (Score 1) 47

by MacJedi (#29957590) Attached to: Controlling Games and Apps Through Muscle Sensors
No. You have some facts that are correct, individually, but you are drawing nonsensical conclusions. True, individual muscle fibers are either contracted or relaxed--on or off as you say, but surface electromyography records from far more than a single muscle fiber. So at the population level, measuring a graded response is not only possible, but typical. Furthermore, the signal recorded is roughly linear and proportional to the number of fibers and motor units recruited (let's ignore the differences between type I and type II skeletal muscle fibers for the moment). Your aside about the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system appears completely off topic.

Comment: Re:Daytime bulgrary? (Score 1) 337

by MacJedi (#29474057) Attached to: Burglar Logs Into Facebook On Victim's Computer
It sounds a bit silly, but it makes sense when you know that burglary, as traditionally defined by common law, occurs at nighttime by definition. So felony daytime burglary was something that the state legislature specifically created, probably to increase the penalties of breaking and entering during the daytime.

Comment: Re:"functional programming languages can beat C" (Score 1) 502

by MacJedi (#28087103) Attached to: World's "Fastest" Small Web Server Released, Based On LISP

(*) Caveat: It must be a small challenge involving a relatively simple task. I don't have a lot of time to waste on this.

Nice caveat. Let me rephrase that another way for you: it is difficult to implement complicated functionality in C. Indeed, this is one reason to use higher level languages. You can achieve more in less time.

GNU is Not Unix

Ask Harald Welte, "VIA's open source representative" 56

Posted by Roblimo
from the meet-a-free-software-renaissance-man dept.
In this recent Slashdot post kernel hacker Harald Welte was characterized as "VIA's open source representative," but that is just one of many irons he has in the fire, as a glance at his Wikipedia bio will show. You can obviously ask Harald about many interesting things besides VIA's open source strategy — and before you ask about VIA, you ought to read the last few entries on his blog, at least one of which mentions VIA questions he can't answer. But VIA aside, there's plenty to ask Harald about. For example, he won an award from the FSF earlier this year for his work on In any case, Harald is a powerful force for GNU/Linux and Free Software, and we appreciate him taking time out of his undoubtedly hectic schedule to answer your questions. (Usual Slashdot interview rules apply.)

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