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Comment: AGW (Score -1, Troll) 631

by MacDork (#47964359) Attached to: How Our Botched Understanding of "Science" Ruins Everything

People think that a study that uses statistical wizardry to show correlations between two things is 'scientific' because it uses high school math and was done by someone in a university building

"And here we see that increasing CO2 levels is causing increasing global temperatures..."

Yep, coorelation != causation.

Comment: Re:What this proves is: (Score 1) 630

by MacDork (#47915145) Attached to: Extent of Antarctic Sea Ice Reaches Record Levels

5) Humans produce more CO2(and other green house gasses) then can be absorbed through the cycle. Testable? Yes. Tested? Yes.

Test results? Missing carbon sinks. Well known fact that you glossed over. Every time you guys do that, you lose credibility. You can't convince skeptics by lying through omission.

Comment: Re:Porn stars and not investment firms (Score 1) 548

by MacDork (#46906187) Attached to: Reason Suggests DoJ Closing Porn Stars' Bank Accounts
Sorry AC, you need to check your own facts. The largest chunk of the bailout went into buying GSE Mortgage backed securities. You know, all the bad debt these investment firms had invested in. Yeah, the government bought those bad debts. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will likely be paying back on the bailout well into the next decade as a result.

Comment: Re:Pretty chilling honestly (Score 3, Interesting) 548

by MacDork (#46906127) Attached to: Reason Suggests DoJ Closing Porn Stars' Bank Accounts

Really. Then how do you explain their closing Teagan Presley's personal account, and her husband's account?

The only business I have with Chase is a single credit card account. I'll be closing that as soon my next payment on it clears. I'm also going to be thinking very hard about finding a European bank to move my money into.

Comment: Re:Huh? (Score 1) 362

by MacDork (#46384381) Attached to: Google Funds San Francisco Bus Rides For Poor

google pays 14%, and how many millions or billions of dollars is that? The bottom 50% pay 0 in taxes, perhaps they should be paying 14%... oh they make no money at all?

You're not very good at math, are you? 14% of $0 is $0. Idiot.

well then perhaps they shouldnt use the roads either...

Perhaps next time you start a war, you can go fight it yourself instead of sending poor people off to die for you, cock gobbler.

Comment: Re:Huh? (Score 0) 362

by MacDork (#46382237) Attached to: Google Funds San Francisco Bus Rides For Poor

How does Google employees waiting at bus stops cost the city money? Where's this loss coming from that Google must compensate for? Or is this just knee-jerk hostility from the usual suspects?

What tax bracket were you in 2012? Did you pay 20%? 25%? Maybe 33%? Google pays 14%. So Google, who proudly avoids billions in taxes, wants to use publicly funded bus stops, roads, police services, and more. Google is the very definition of freeloader. Has it occurred to you that those kids (along with others all over the country that Google will not be helping) might not be so poor if the government services set up to help them had not gone unfunded due of lack of tax revenue? Now Google throws a few kids in SF a bone to the tune of a few thousand dollars and that makes Google a shining community member again? Fuck Google and fuck you for defending them.

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