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Comment: Way to go MS (Score 3) 213

by MaXimillion (#41900889) Attached to: Microsoft Retiring Messenger, Replacing It With Skype
They have the best IM client on the market (well, the newest versions suck for their UI, but the older ones are great), and they go and kill them off in favour of a software that serves a completely different purpose. I could understand ceasing development and reducing support, but surely it's making them more money through ads than it costs to run the network?

Comment: Re:A few awful examples (Score 1) 398

by MaXimillion (#31287374) Attached to: When PC Ports of Console Games Go Wrong
What? Last Remnant PC version is superior to the 360 version in every way. They added turbo mode and extra content, have a wide range of graphic customization options, load times are wayyy shorter and it runs well on mid-range hardware. Sure the controls are a bit clunky if you don't have a 360 pad, but if you do, it's way above the 360 version.

Comment: Re:It's the UI, Stupid (Score 1) 488

by MaXimillion (#22872702) Attached to: Is PC Gaming "Dead"?

When you have a game like Crysis that's only getting 20 FPS on $3000 review boxes, then that's a sign that there's a serious mismatch of priorities in the industry.
I get more than that on my 550 euro box, and I don't think the dollar is low enough yet that it'd be equivalent in price. Sure it's not at the top settings, but it still looks pretty good, and I don't play games for graphics anyways.
The Internet

+ - School shooting at .fi after YouTube videos

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An anonymous reader writes: Today a school shooting took place in Finnish school of Jokela, Tuusula. My big condolences to all families and friends of its victims. :(

A student with obvious mental problems took lives of seven people (status at 15:51 +2UTC, one critical with head wound in hospital) with .22 caliber pistol. His is now in police custody. According to his now closed youtube account his previous account got removed: YouTube suspended my previous account but I am back now :) My new account name is German and means "Stormspirit" in English. — reasons that it was full of similar videos showing that he is planning this massacre. People at Youtube and its users surely think that they should have done more than close his account. The question is, how many others are out there, and will we learn something about this? How this will change our access to online services like youtube and goverment reactions to such cases in the future? Finnish PM Matti Vanhanen already stated that it's extremely difficult to prepare to such incidents but I don't fully agree with him as there were clear evident in youtube days before and lot of people saw it.

A really sad story indeed. :(

+ - Patient bleeds dark green blood->

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throup writes: "BBC News is reporting a story (originally from The Lancet — registration required) about a patient who bled dark green blood in the operating theatre. Unlike Mr Spock, this case is nothing to do with Vulcan heritage but apparently linked to a medical condition, brought on by the patient's medication, where sulphur is combined in haemoglobin molecules."
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