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Hardware Hacking

+ - xkcd finds Kindle is Perfect for Reading in Bed 1

Submitted by
Hugh Pickens
Hugh Pickens writes "Randall Munroe, creator of xkcd, has an interesting post on his blog about his lifelong search for the perfect way to read in bed. "The ideal position would involve no sustained muscle effort, so I could just let my eyes drift shut as I read, without the book falling shut or my hand slipping or anything." Munroe recently got a Kindle and was surprised to find the ergonomics better than a paperback. But there was one problem: "There's no way to hold it with a finger on the 'next page' buttons that doesn't require a few muscles to hold it upright" so Munroe "got out of bed one night, went to the closet, and got a steel coat hanger and some pliers" and came up with a hardware hack that solved the problem. Take a look at photos of Munroe invention. "Finally, after decades of reading in bed, I have reached that stage of perfect relaxation.""

+ - Supercomputer as a Service->

Submitted by
gubm writes "Nearly one and a half years after making a stunning entry into the global supercomputer list with Eka, ranked as the fourth fastest supercomputer in the world, Computational Research Laboratories (CRL), a Tata Sons' subsidiary, has succeeded in creating a new market for supercomputers — that of offering supercomputing power on rent to enterprises in India. For now, for want of a better word, let us call it 'Supercomputer as a Service.'"
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+ - Android Application Development->

Submitted by
androidprogramming writes "At Android Software Programming, we provide Android Application development solutions including Business Application, Multimedia Applications, Tarvel Applications, Android Game Development, Utility Applications, Social networking application, Maps & GPS Enabled Android Application and much more.. Read More : http://www.androidsoftwareprogramming.com/"
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New Speed Record Set For Wind-Powered Vehicles 138

Posted by Soulskill
from the gone-with-the-wind dept.
Hugh Pickens writes "Richard Jenkins reached 126.1mph in his Greenbird car on the dry plains of Ivanpah Lake in Nevada, setting a new world land speed record for a wind-powered vehicle. 'It's great; it's one of those things that you spend so long trying to do and when it actually happens, it's almost too easy,' says Jenkins. The Greenbird is a carbon fiber composite vehicle that uses wind (and nothing else) for power. The designers describe it as a 'very high performance sailboat,' but one that uses a solid wing, rather than a sail, to generate movement. Due to the shape of the craft, especially at such high speeds, the wings also provide lift; a useful trait for an aircraft, but very hazardous for a car. To compensate for this, the designers have added small wings to 'stick' the car to the ground, in the same way Formula 1 cars do. 'Greenbird weighs 600kg when it's standing still,' says Jenkins. 'But at speed, the effect of the wings make her weigh just over a ton.' Jenkins has also built a wind-powered craft that travels on ice, rather than land. 'Now that we've broken the record, I'm going back on to the ice craft. There's still some debate as to whether traveling on ice or land will be faster.'"

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