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Comment Re:every-24-hour coordination (Score 1) 122

Wait, so how does an ATM that only synchronizes once a day know that I just put in the right pin number? Does every ATM on the planet download a list of every ATM card and PIN in existence?

I'm not trying to be sarcastic or glib, I'm just trying to understand how the system you describe could function.

Comment Re:Supervise your own kid (Score 3, Interesting) 561

I'm curious, do people who cover up outlets disgusts you? How about those who make sure there's a childproof fence around the pool? Or the ones who put a lock on the liquor cabinet?

Watching your child every second of every day is an equally dangerous proposition, in terms of their intellectual and emotional growth, as not watching them at all. They NEED to learn to think and operate independently, and being able to designate a subset of the Internet not filled with bomb instructions and donkey porn would be an excellent service to help them do that in relative safety.

Comment Good. (Score 1) 221

I was wondering when they'd start doing this one. Many of the attacks were done using a program called "low orbit ion cannon," essentially an opt-in botnet: run the program and it waits for a signal from a master node, then starts spamming requests at the specified target. Meaning that the participants in the attacks, far from the usual unknowing and unwilling infected, were in fact choosing specifically to join in the action. What's more, the nature of a DDoS makes proxy use counter-productive and ineffective (all attacks come from a small number of proxy IPs, being easily blockable, and you DDoS the proxy long before the target).

The end result? A list of unprotected ip addresses for a bunch of idiot thugs and 13-year old kids, not at all anonymous. Well done, geniuses.

Comment Re:Patents expire. (Score 1) 319

Did you read your own link? That article lists clones, yes, but it hardly proves that the industry was "based off of clones." The only seminal game mentioned that was itself an absolute, blatant copy of another is Pong, and they paid out a $700k settlement to Magnavox for their duplication. The rest are either off-brand copyright theft or examples that clearly fall under "inspiration." No major work comes close to Zynga's bald-faced appropriations.

Comment Somewhat worrying installation (Score 1) 230

"Installing AMD dual core optimizer" (from the game installation)

Uh, game, I know you can't see that "Intel Inside" sticker, but still, I can save you some time...

I generally like Steam, but I really miss the option of a custom install from pre-Steam games. I've lost count of the number of times I've had to sit and watch DirectX and the Microsoft redistributable unpack their entire installation, run, and of course immediately quit, discovering their target already up to date. And doesn't automatically downloading a brand new copy of these with every game installation really defeat - or at least marginalize - their purpose?

Comment Re:Sounds familiar. (Score 1) 571

Waaaait a minute. A six foot tall liquid-fueled rocket? On the ground at your farm, sure, that's safe. But it's a ROCKET. You obviously don't intend for it to STAY on the ground. And you don't own the airspace above a certain level.

My sympathy for your desire to experiment or engage in your hobby ends when you begin threatening to fire explosive devices into commercial airspace.

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