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Comment: Re:Hyperbole, anyone? (Score 1) 233

by MSojka (#44121103) Attached to: RC Plane Attack 'Foiled,' Say German Authorities

...state-threatening act of violence.

Unless the model plane is the size of a 747 or the explosive is anit-matter, how is that a "... state-threatening act of violence." Is Germany in such dire straits that a single model aircraft can topple a whole country?

They could shut down the BILD HQ for a day or two. Imagine that: Millions (no hyperbole, they sell about 2.5 million copies daily) of dumb people not being able to read the "truth" on the front page of their favourite tabloid and having to think for themselves! State-threatening indeed.

+ - Game Pirates Complaining About Piracy in Game Development Simulator->

Submitted by MSojka
MSojka (83577) writes "Greenhart Games asked themselves "What happens when pirates play a game development simulator and then go bankrupt because of piracy?" — and decided to test just this by releasing a slightly modified "cracked" version of their new game Game Dev Tycoon on popular BitTorrent sites. Short version: They complain about the piracy bankrupting them. "Hilarious" doesn't even begin to describe it."
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Comment: Re:Y-Chromosome is tied to your last name (Score 0) 58

by MSojka (#42626303) Attached to: You Can Donate Your Genome For Medical Research, But Not Anonymously

Y-Chromosome tied to your surname? Even assuming your culture has surnames in the first place, that assumption is so wrong in its generality it hurts. Patrilineal naming convention is just one of many, and for example patrinomic (where your surname is derived from your father's name, as in "Jon Olafsson, son of Olaf Magnusson") is also often in use - for example in Iceland or many Muslim countries.

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by MSojka (#40975049) Attached to: Let the Campaign Edit Wars Begin

If you are not a resident of the U.S., since Paul Ryan is running for Vice President (...)

See, that's all the info that needed to be in the starting sentence or the second one the latest - "running for vice president of the USA" (optionally for which side, but that's not that important really). Seriously, the story doesn't even have an "usa" tag or icon (it has the "wikipedia" icon), so how the hell should somebody from the outside guess?

It also makes the whole story a non-story. This happens with pretty much ever presidential candidate and people in their circles in those countries where this position matters. Francois Hollande's page (on the French Wikipedia) is still semi-locked, and the edit wars there didn't feature on Slashdot either. Pretty much the only exception I can think of in recent times is Vladimir Putin's presidential campaign.

Comment: Re:Paul who? (Score 1) 571

by MSojka (#40974497) Attached to: Let the Campaign Edit Wars Begin

If you don't know who Paul Ryan is, why do you care?

Your comment makes, from logical point of view, no sense

Exactly because I don't know who it is, I don't know if this is important enough for me to care. Google search brings up at least some actors and one(?) talk show host, one cinematographer, some politicians and a ton of other people by the same name - no wonder, it's a rather generic one. I guess he must be some politician in some country, given the context, but this still doesn't give me the nearly same info "Paul Ryan, proposed for the next free seat in Canada's highest court" or whatever would do without checking a bunch of results to see which one could match.

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by MSojka (#40943345) Attached to: Upgrading Software From 350 Million Miles Away

" they get ready to download a new version of the flight software on the Mars rover Curiosity..."

Flight software? She flying back too?

"Flight" as in "fight-or-flight response". You know, in case Curiosity encounters Martian life which think it's delicious ... or at least interesting enough to study and take apart.

Those people at NASA think of everything ...

Comment: Re:Assumptions ... (Score 1) 192

by MSojka (#40734567) Attached to: Australians Receive SMS Death Threats

What would you do?

I'd grab a beer, start up the BBQ, prepare some T-Bones with some olive oil and some spices, and lay out in the sun.

Did I win?

Possibly the "balls of steel" award for doing that in the middle of winter. As mild as it might be at the moment, the evenings can get frosty. ;)

The thing is, even if the thread is empty and just meant to help another crime (extortion or worse), if only one person gets murdered, even in a totally unrelated act, and the police didn't say what they said, they'd face a public shitstorm. So they say what they say, put a person or two to try and track down the senders (which will likely fail), maybe set up a sting operation for them, and otherwise ignore the illusionary danger.

Comment: Assumptions ... (Score 5, Interesting) 192

by MSojka (#40734485) Attached to: Australians Receive SMS Death Threats

I hope "almost certainly" is droll understatement.

It certainly is. On the other hand, assume you can send SMSes in a way which is not traceable and comparatively cheap. Assume you want the entire police force of some place - say, New South Wales - to be too busy and way less effective. Assume you want to commit some other crime which would greatly benefit from the police force in that place being too busy chasing phantoms.

What would you do?

Comment: Re:P2P traffic is legal! (Score 2) 129

by MSojka (#40119925) Attached to: BitTorrent Traffic Falls In the U.S.

Many of the game distributors use P2P as well - in the specific case of BitTorrent, for example Blizzard, Square-Enix and anyone who uses the Pando Media Booster (NCSoft, Riot Games, ...) are using it to deliver the games and their patches. Given the popularity of games like WoW, Diablo III or League of Legends, that's not really a "minor share"

Comment: Re:Downloading Ubuntu (Score 1) 354

by MSojka (#40026137) Attached to: Wil Wheaton: BitTorrent Isn't Only For Piracy

Also, Pando Media Booster is basically just a BitTorrent client (really - run their PMB.exe through IDA Pro to see the protocol strings for yourself). This is used by a lot of game companies and others to distribute their files and updates, for example NCSoft (Lineage II, Aion, City of Heroes/Villains, Guild Wars, ...).

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