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Comment Re:Why the animosity? (Score -1, Flamebait) 202 202

I used to use amigas since 1989, and develop on them (I even released a few things on aminet and participated in community events and such), and to my great shame it took me until 2001 to come to my sense and realize that amiga and its community are a pointless waste of time.

People who still haven't realized that in the year of our lord 2012? They are fucking morons, and deserve all the mockery they receive.

Comment Re:Wrong wording. (Score 1, Troll) 256 256

And a sperg (an offensive diminutive for "aspergers") is someone who cares way too much about minutiae that nobody else cares about. Hackers are people breaking into computer systems. It's what everyone calls them, it's how everyone understands the word.

Language evolves. Get over it.


Google Gmail Motion Beta 104 104

PB8 noted that has been following all the kinect projects that have been floating around the net, and decided to use detection along with a rich visual vocabulary including common gestures and American Sign Language to accelerate your gmail time. This is going to require a bit of a change in my email composition since normally I use those to vent frustration.

Comment Re:C++ has had its day (Score 1) 375 375

If C# is more cumbersome, then perhaps there's a way to make it less so while keeping flexibility and power.

I only can see two clear advantages to c# over c++: garbage collection and reflection. Everything else boils down to syntactic preferences or minor features. And there's a lot of useful things that c# is missing compared to c++.

I'm sure in time both things will make their way into C++ in a way or another (garbage collection is half-way there).

I don't think that D is a good answer to the shortcomings of C++. I'm not a fan of the "let's add in everything and the kitchen sink" approach.

Comment Re:C++ has had its day (Score 1) 375 375

And yet despite all the hype I find C# incredibly more cumbersome and verbose and when I'm at work I truly can't wait to get home to work on my c++ hobby project. Part of it will be in javascript too, because it is better for some of the parts of my project.

There is no such thing as an universally simpler and better language, and some of c++ features that people love to hate such as RAII, templates (not those half-assed generics that c# offers) and operator overloading permit to make some complicated things much simpler than anything you can achieve in most of those more recent languages.

Comment Re:My first question. (Score 1) 375 375

It's easy to wrap std::list to do that yourself. What you propose would mean that if you get a list passed from some other opaque part of the code you have no way to predict whether size will be O(1) or O(n), because it may or may not be the result of a splice.

Plus like it is now allows the spec to make simple and clear complexity promises (list::size() is O(n), splice is O(1)) without having to specify how the implementation should work in too much detail.

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