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Or they could have set the price to $0 for the next 1 or 6 months or something like that.

I'm not a U2 fan. I think I like one or two of their songs. I have no interest in getting their new album (or being some of the people counted as why their new album went Double-Platinum).

If, instead, I was given a free $10 gift card from Apple to anything in their catalog, I would be happy to make my own selections.

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by MMC Monster (#47886039) Attached to: The Documents From Google's First DMV Test In Nevada

Because many human drivers totally lose it in a roundabout. Especially here in the U.S. If you ever drive in one that just pops up in an area without them, you'll know what I'm talking about.

Some drivers have no idea who has right of way and will come to a dead stop in the round. Others (I swear I've seen this) try to make a U-turn when they miss their exits and get confused at all the oncoming traffic, and others try to zip through, (probably) thinking that you're supposed to maintain speed when entering the circle.

I cringe whenever I see one in PA (I've only encountered a couple so far). I don't even want to think about dealing with Jersey drivers in one.

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by MMC Monster (#47860279) Attached to: BBC: ISPs Should Assume VPN Users Are Pirates

As someone who lives and works in the U.S., I love BBC. Listen to BBC news radio on the way to work every day (free streaming on TuneIn Radio) and watch several BBC shows on cable.

In fact, BBC is something I wouldn't mind spending extra money to get a 'TV license' for, just like they force people in the UK to pay.

So offer me one. Give me a internet license for BBC online and let me stream it from whereever I am on the planet. If you want you can do it by creating your own VPN and renting that to me.

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by MMC Monster (#47855067) Attached to: Tesla Plans To Power Its Gigafactory With Renewables Alone

Could be a while. as they don't even have a design released to the public for the Model 3 and the Model X is still pre-production.

I took a plung and bought the Model S.

Best car I've ever driven in any class with very good handling in the rain. This will be my first winter with it and I want to see how it will do with the original all-weather tires.

It's not for everyone at it's price tag. But I do get a lot of questions from people that own high-end luxury cars. Much more so than economy cars. Toyota has nothing to worry about from the current iteration. Lexus, BMW, and Mercedes do (and so do their dealers).

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by MMC Monster (#47826079) Attached to: Tesla's Next Auto-Dealer Battleground State: Georgia

But see, that's the point of Tesla. People have been clamoring for a vehicle which has those specific advantages, and they don't care about the disadvantages. There's plenty of people for whom the range is simply not an issue. If they need to go farther, they'll have their driver take them in their A8L or long S-Class, or they'll take a black car service or limo service — perhaps to an airport. I mean, we are talking about people who can afford to dash off $70k+ for a car that is not all things to all people. These people are far from broke and they can probably write all of this off, anyhow.

You should take a look at the Tesla forums. Specifically:

Poor guy bought a BMW electric car and was informed by the dealer that he can use any charging stations he saw on his phone app. The dealer didn't educate the purchaser about charging stations appropriately and the guy didn't have a proper charging port in his garage. The guy bought the car because he listened to what the dealer said and didn't do much independent research.

Fuck dealers.

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In other words, electric car sales are stagnant because of a supply problem, not a demand one. They can't produce more cars and they essentially are sold out months in advance.

As a proud owner of a Tesla (6 months and 15K miles so far), I can't imagine buying a non-electric car in the future. I live on the east coast and the supercharger network is built out around me well enough that I don't have any range anxiety at all.

Several friends are looking to see how I do this winter before putting money down themselves. A couple others already put down a ridiculous amount to be on the list to buy a Tesla Model X when it finally hits production.

Dealers should be concerned. If the big auto manufacturers go the Tesla way, dealers won't be making much in service contracts in the future.

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by MMC Monster (#47746277) Attached to: Dropbox Caught Between Warring Giants Amazon and Google

- Automatic full resolution photo uploading from mobile
- Sync that just works

These are the reasons I use DropBox for my family. It's great to have it installed on their smart phones and not have to worry about them losing their phone photos. (That's about the only thing of value not synced to an otherwise easy-to-get-to-cloud.)

Now if they could only offer reasonable pricing alternatives. How about $5/month for every doubling over whatever amount you have in free?

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by MMC Monster (#47744075) Attached to: 3 Years In, a "B" For Tim Cook's Performance at Apple

Drop the artificial restrictions on OS updates "when it was manufactured" isn't a good yard-stick for install eligibility and everyone knows it. Those Mac Pros that are six months too old to run Mavericks are more than capable of doing so and everyone knows it, it just makes you look like a bunch of pricks by barring install.

I don't know about MBPros too old to run Mavericks. I do have a MacBook that runs Mavericks. In fact, I have one of the (very) short run of Aluminum MacBooks that was created in late 2008. Pretty much the oldest MacBooks that runs Mavericks. And the OS is slow as all heck. The system limps by, but I really need to get new hardware to make much use of it.

I can't imagine a hardware version older than that that's capable but Apple won't allow. Likely more pain than it's worth unless you're running only text-mode or headless apps.

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by MMC Monster (#47616911) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: "Real" Computer Scientists vs. Modern Curriculum?

No, undergraduate CS is to allow students to learn the algorithms and mathematics behind them. Languages should be an afterthought at that level. It's all big O notation and knowing which algorithm to pick.

Or at least that's what it was when I did undergrad CS 20 years ago. Now get off my lawn!

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You seriously want to put this to jail time?

Two million people jailed a year for downloading Expendables 3? Who's going to man these jails? Who's going to pay for them.

Let's be fucking realistic please. Make it 10 times the retail cost of the copyright infringed item plus court costs and call it a day. But the person sueing has to prove that you're the one that infringed copyright. Not just a blind IP address.

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