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Comment: Re:Not this again. (Score 1) 637

by MMC Monster (#47616911) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: "Real" Computer Scientists vs. Modern Curriculum?

No, undergraduate CS is to allow students to learn the algorithms and mathematics behind them. Languages should be an afterthought at that level. It's all big O notation and knowing which algorithm to pick.

Or at least that's what it was when I did undergrad CS 20 years ago. Now get off my lawn!

Comment: Re:Yes! Copyright terrorism must be stopped! (Score 2) 207

You seriously want to put this to jail time?

Two million people jailed a year for downloading Expendables 3? Who's going to man these jails? Who's going to pay for them.

Let's be fucking realistic please. Make it 10 times the retail cost of the copyright infringed item plus court costs and call it a day. But the person sueing has to prove that you're the one that infringed copyright. Not just a blind IP address.

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by MMC Monster (#47516423) Attached to: Open-Source Blu-Ray Library Now Supports BD-J Java

I stream from my basement. Buy the discs (or, more recently, rent them from Redbox or borrow them from the library) and rip them. A NAS in the basement holds everything, and xbmc on computers in the livingroom and bedroom for the streaming.

Total cost $1000. Being able to stream whatever movie I own within 15 seconds of turning the TV on? Priceless.

Best part? The NAS accepts ssh connections from outside the home. I have a similar setup in a friend's house and my parents, both of which do a 'rsync over ssh' every time they turn the system on (with logs stored on my NAS so I know the syncs are occurring). Now I get distributed remote mirrors and they get streaming from their basements.

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by MMC Monster (#47387553) Attached to: Hacking Internet Connected Light Bulbs

#1 - You're not that interesting.

#2 - Connected devices can have interesting power management solutions. It's not just adjusting the home temperature when it figures out no one's going to be home for 8 hours. What about adjusting when the fridge uses the most power during times when electricity is the cheapest? Or sending you a text message if the motion detectors go off but your car is not in the driveway/garage? Or have lights go on just after dusk (regardless of time of year) and go out at a random time between 10 and 11pm (unless motion suggests people are home)?

The upfront cost of these devices are a bit more. To be absorbed by early adopters, of course. But when the prices come down and the kinks straightened out, they can be quite useful.

OnTopic: My neighbor showed me the app he had on his phone to monitor his pool. It allowed him to monitor temperature, pH, turn the filter and heater on, etc. The installer gave it a default 4 digit passcode, which was apparently the same four digit passcode that every other installation had. Since the ID number of the pool was adjustable, my neighbor joked that he would sometimes log into random people's pools and flash their pool lights (and had others do it to him as well). Fortunately no one's raised the pool temperature to 90 degrees or something like that (yet).

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It's a scam and they're liars. It's really as clear and un-subtle as that. When they deliver a review unit, the expectation is that it will be representative of the products that end users will by buying.

More and more I only believe Consumer Reports. They don't accept donated items for review. They purchase their own from a normal middleman to make sure what they get is what a normal person would get.

That being said, it's remarkable they're still in business.

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MS is leading the way to a place where you carry you computer all the time and just drop it into a cradle when you need a bigger screen.
Something that works for well over 80% of the populace.
I'm not a fan, but the iPad would be horrible to do that with. With it's in ability to shop more then 1 window at a time.

And I own an iPad, and I like it.

Actually it would be fantastically good with a slight tweeking of the iOS UI. All you do is detect that the device is hooked into a keyboard dock and show the running tasks bar at all times. Unplug it from the dock and the tasks bar disappears.

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by MMC Monster (#46898533) Attached to: The Guy Who Unknowingly 'Live-Blogged' the Bin Laden Raid

It's an awesome sight, and then the Japanese government was told that the U.S. had another thousand bombs of the same caliber.

The Japanese command crunched the numbers and saw that it would exterminate their race. More importantly, it showed them unequivocally that the Japanese were inferior to U.S. firepower and technological prowess.

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