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Comment: Can someone explain how someone is exploited? (Score 1) 317

by MMC Monster (#48018417) Attached to: Bash To Require Further Patching, As More Shellshock Holes Found

I'm a little unclear how I, as a user, can get exploited by this. (I know that it's bash (which pretty much makes MSWindows users immune), but what about the rest of us?)

Do I need to just browse a website on my computer?
Do I need to install Apache/PHP or some other server and open an appropriate port on my system?
Do I need to have port 22 open?
Do I need to have a root user?

Comment: Re:email from ec2... (Score 1) 94

by MMC Monster (#47997351) Attached to: Amazon Forced To Reboot EC2 To Patch Bug In Xen

"Please note thatn $106,000 will be added to your next bill for the egress bandwidth."

Interesting thought: Cloud providers should offer a low-cost option for getting your petabyte of data out of their system.

Perhaps mailing you a drive (or series of drives) with the data on it? If they allow you to run zfs or other filesystem with snapshot capability, create a snapshot and request that it be mailed to you. Maybe they'll even link in the available drives that can handle the data and you pick which one(s) you want.

Comment: Re:Thoughts (Score 2) 156

by MMC Monster (#47946621) Attached to: Dealership Commentator: Tesla's Going To Win In Every State

Pretty sure they hit the '25,000 electric cars to the people' mark. ;-)

As for buying cars from dealers, I've been in quite a few purchases myself. The only dealer I had a reasonably good experience with was Saturn.

With Lexus, Jaguar, and BMW, there was a lot of negotiation. I had to go to several dealers to get competing prices (which were *always* with a spread of $2-3K). In addition, the push was always to buy something either off-the-lot or something that they could have brought over from another dealer's inventory within 2-3 days.

I was with my dad when he went to get his BMW 5 series. They pushed him into a few options he wasn't particularly interested in because they could get the car to the lot in 2 days. And once he signed the contract, it was a done deal. He called the dealership a couple hours later and wanted a different color, and the answer was that the car was already on it's way from across the state. It arrived more than a week later with barely a 'sorry for the delay' from the dealer.

Comment: Re:Expert. (Score 0) 358

Whether or not his new digital music format can or cannot be pirated is something that remains to be seen

Can you listen to it with your headphones of choice?

The answer to this will be 'No'. The obvious way Apple is going is to change the audio output jack to the headphone to something proprietary like Lightning.

(It won't work, but it will fail like FireWire did. A few people will buy it, but at best it will be an accessory port in addition to the standard audio jack.)

Comment: Re:Cross between a music album and a video game (Score 1) 358

Not necessarily. Whenever I make a call, I am interacting with the audio stream from the other end of the line.

Perhaps he's suggesting musicians just get (900) numbers and publish them.

I'm pretty sure I wouldn't pay to have U2 sing to me live via my phone, but some others may.

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