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Comment Ask the state! (Score 4, Funny) 114

It needs to have an iPad app that is simple enough for a three-year-old to use with help and for a five-year-old to use without help;

Ask the state to help. After all, if you're leaving a three year old with a five year old, the state will get involved at some point soon.

Or, if I misinterpreted and there's some sort of adult supervision, have the adult press the damn icon on your iPad.

Comment Re:Yawn (Score 1) 105

I don't see it, either.

But I know several guys who want to get rid of their wallets. So they get phone cases which have an extra compartment. They keep their driver's license, a credit card, and a $20 bill in the compartment and everything else is digital.

It's interesting and none of them mention being hacked (yet). But I certainly don't have enough trust in a phone manufacturer to do this.

Comment Re:Poor example (Score 1) 451

This is complicated by the fact that some human drivers do not even know themselves, what they intend to do. So how should a computer control system be able to anticipate what a human driver intends to do, when the human drivers don't even know themselves?

This is Google we're talking about. If anyone can do it, it's them.

First thought: use facial recognition against their Google Street View database to positively identify the individual. Then pull up all their online activities and generate a psychological profile of how aggressive a driver they are. Then compare that profile to others in the past as well as that individual in the past to predict what they are going to do next.

Comment Re:Business and Bitcoin? What could go wrong? (Score 1) 68

I have some US dollars. Let's say $100,000.

If I wanted to hold that much in Bitcoins, what is the recommended way? Not in a central bank, because I need to control my wallet.

But on my computer? How do I prove that a virus in a flash add on a website doesn't break in and start reading local data looking for a bitcoin wallet?

Offline, burnt on a CD/DVD? Do I need to worry about bitrot? How do I prevent that?

Comment Re:I'd choose billing. (Score 2) 311

The problem of billing is multi-factorial.

1 - The hospital has to spread out the cost of the device, upkeep, and personnel over all patients that use the device.
2 - The hospital negotiates a payment with insurance companies. This has to be lower or the same as for uninsured patients. If the hospital low-balls what they charge uninsured patients, all insurance companies will get the lower rate.
3 - The hospital negotiates with the insurance companies every year or so. If they don't come up with an agreement, the hospital becomes "out of network" and a higher percentage of the bill goes to the patient.

This leads to hospitals charging 3-5x for uninsured patients what they charge to insurance companies. As a patient, you can call up the hospital billing and see if the charge can be lowered or waived. They are surprisingly negotiable at times.

Comment Re:... no one is paying for that (Score 1) 296

And when Windows 7 is no longer getting security updates? What then?

Might as well slowly start looking into other options.

I was a MS Windows fan since win386 days. I chose Ubuntu in 2005. When Ubuntu messed up their desktop UI, I switched to Linux Mint (and OS X on a Apple laptop).

Maybe staying with one desktop OS for your entire life limits you a bit?

P.S. So much easier to be on non-Microsoft OSs now than it was a decade ago. So many things are either web-based or cross-platform. I haven't used wine or virtualbox in well over a year.

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