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Comment: Meh. (Score 1) 331

by MMC Monster (#48897591) Attached to: UHD Spec Stomps on Current Blu-ray Spec, But Will Consumers Notice?

I've been burnt or nearly burnt with new tech over the decades and consider myself a bit of an early adopter.

4K and UHD are interesting ideas, but I'm really not interested in replacing my entire hardware investment (including the current HDMI cables in the walls) just for a better picture. (Though the improved colorspace is somewhat tantalizing.)

Also, I've just recently gotten comfortable buying bluray discs in any quantity since I know I can rip them to my home media server. What sort of advanced copyright protection are the newer formats going to have? How many years of having to rely on a dedicated player? (I've just detached my dvd player from my TVs and likely will detach the bluray players as well.)

Comment: Re:Not "like Slashdot" (Score 1) 224

by MMC Monster (#48865555) Attached to: Facebook Will Let You Flag Content As 'False'

I'm not a fan of the false moderation because it's so obvious that it will be rampantly misused. (ie: Jennifer changed her status to "In a committed relationship". Flag: FALSE!)

I like the moderations /. uses. Would be interesting if a similar system could be made for a social site, with moderation points, etc.

Comment: A lot of people here are missing the point... (Score 4, Interesting) 592

by MMC Monster (#48844505) Attached to: Why Run Linux On Macs?

(I'm not an Apple fanboy, I think. Of the 8 computers in my house, only two are Apple hardware, and one of them is > 5 years old.) The rest are either Acer or System76.

A lot of people buy Apple hardware because it's a known quality and (relatively) easy to get fixed. You (probably) know you're going to pay a little extra, but you know the build quality is generally consistently good and if there are hardware issues you can take it into an Apple Store and get it fixed fairly quickly.

It's fine for people that buy PC hardware all the time to say that a particular brand or model is good price and excellent quality. Most people don't want to do that much research for a laptop or desktop. And many have burnt themselves with buying something expensive and had it go bad in a couple years or need to be troubleshooted over the phone or mailed back due to some obscure issue. Better to drag it to the local Apple Store for many.

Comment: Re:There are real questions that need to be answer (Score 1) 227

by MMC Monster (#48828175) Attached to: An Open Letter To Everyone Tricked Into Fearing AI

'Capable of' and 'allowed to' are two different things. I agree that it will likely be a decade or more before they're allowed to roam around on their own.

Capable of roaming on their own may be here now or near future. When Musk announced the driverless mode Model S, he mentioned that on private roads it could theoretically be fetched by the owner using his phone app.

What if it ran over a dog while on a private road? You know someone will sue. Until liability for that is cleared up, I'm thinking the driverless feature will be purposely be disabled when there's no one in the driver's seat.

Comment: There are real questions that need to be answered: (Score 1) 227

by MMC Monster (#48825231) Attached to: An Open Letter To Everyone Tricked Into Fearing AI

There are some issues in AI that need to be addressed in the near future.

Autonomous vehicles are essentially here. The question is liability when one of them gets involved in an accident.

You can imagine all the possible people potentially liable in that instance. The question is how liability will be split up amongst the parties.

Whether an automatous vehicle is programed to minimize passenger mortality vs. minimize pedestrian mortality, it's a no-win situation.

Comment: Re:Returning to their roots & getting with the (Score 1) 314

by MMC Monster (#48824753) Attached to: Radio Shack Reported To Be Ready for Bankruptcy Filing

How about being a total 3D printing solution place?

Go there, use their computers to upload your 3D design, or rent space there to create a 3D design, print on their 3D printer, and come back in an hour for the printer output?

Is it that hard for them to find a niche?

Comment: Article is wrong... (Score 3, Funny) 403

by MMC Monster (#48822871) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Migrating a Router From Linux To *BSD?

The article should say: I used to write Linux kernel drivers and hate the direction systemd is taking it. Please support me by clicking on my rant and joining me in installing BSD on your router.

Seriously, I'm barely familiar with Linux as I'm just an end user, and I know well enough that I don't need an ask slashdot to figure out which OS I can put on a router which doesn't include systemd.

Comment: Re:Tell me it ain't so, Elon! (Score 1) 181

by MMC Monster (#48814365) Attached to: Tesla To Produce 'a Few Million' Electric Cars a Year By 2025

Because we Tesla Fanboys (I certainly count myself as one) understand that there's a big difference what Tesla does and what other car dealers do.

The secrecy in the price is what aggravates most car buyers. If I knew that I paid the same price for my BMW as everyone else who bought one this year, I would happily buy another BMW (if they made a full-electric that ran for 250 miles and had similar features to a Tesla, that is).

Tesla Fanboys also realize that Tesla is using the profits from their cars to build up the infrastructure for the supercharger network as well as pumping the money into R&D for the next couple Tesla models. After all, that's what Elon Musk said several years ago and the only thing he's wrong about is his slipping timeline.

Comment: Re:Nostalgic for Windows 7? (Score 1) 640

by MMC Monster (#48804745) Attached to: Microsoft Ends Mainstream Support For Windows 7


My employer just started Windows 7 rollout a couple months ago, and the users are screaming.

As a user, I'm quite happy with a Citrix virtual Windows XP environment which gets cleared out every 12 hours or so. I'm in the health care industry, so we really shouldn't be keeping personal stuff on work computers anyway.

Comment: Re:Cost? (Score 1) 426

by MMC Monster (#48794533) Attached to: Chevrolet Unveils 200-Mile Bolt EV At Detroit Auto Show

It's not that Chevy wont make a profit on the Bolt. It's just they wont make an insane profit on each one, like Tesla does.

I seem to recall that the margin on a Tesla Model S is over 25%. It's just that Tesla uses that money to build up the supercharger network rather than take it as pure profit at the end of the quarter.

If Chevy decides they don't want to build their own supercharging network they can charge a lot less for the car. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if they don't ask Tesla to piggyback on the Tesla supercharging network.

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