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Comment Um. (Score 1) 66

Just because the Demicrats rule here doesn't mean that the Republican's aren't the ones behind the curtains pulling the strings. Republicans are the real rulers of Detroit and have been for more than 100 years.

Um. Is this your opinion because you know how well Republicans and Labor Unions "get along" (e.g. like matches and gasoline), or because of some other reason, like "Eat your broccoli Johnny, or the Republicans will come out of your closet and eat you while you're asleep"?

Comment Re:Your laws ignore my rights (Score 1) 197

We can't have a society based on just morality,

Yes we can, and do. In fact we have operated just this way for centuries at least.

We developed a framework of laws WITH the agreement and acceptance of the society as a whole.

I don't think you thought that one out fully. What measure does society use to determine justice and establish laws? Morals.

Tyranny within a society appears when the laws everyone agrees with, suddenly become laws that they, by and large, do not agree with

You seem to have tyranny confused with something else.

Make no mistake - the TTP and TTIP treaties are tyrannical. They are kept secret from the citizens and passed without citizen input. The citizens are even ignored when they complain about the laws

No again, or at least not without a great stretch. Fascist or oligarchical? One or both of those, but not necessarily tyrannical. Some people know about it, negotiated the deal, and some people will benefit. It's not necessarily cruel to the majority, but there is no benefit to the majority either.

The last two parts are mostly correct, but I would not put too much faith in Russia arming rebels within the US. Russia has a lot to lose if our Republic behaves like it was designed and serves as a model to others. If the US is weaker, they are much stronger.

Comment Re:Your laws ignore my rights (Score 1) 197

First, Carson's comment is about as loony as calling the police and expecting them to save you.

No need to defend Carson to me, I fully understand context and how it's being ignored for the "story". Read those comments again as snark.

Next, there is no or little media coverage because until recently there was nothing to cover outside of speculation. It's all been drafts leaked to the public via questionable sources and as we found out, a lot is different. I suspect we will end up continuing with little coverage because the IP provisions benefit the news corporations greatly.

You may be arguing with me (hard to tell), but are demonstrating the point I made. I have seen more information and investigation by Wikileaks, RT, and the Guardian than any of the 7 top "news" stations in the US. Just the rumors should have been enough to put real journalists in action. And no, it's not about ratings because imagine the ratings one station would be receiving if they had bothered to cover the story.

That is an outright lie.

I don't believe you understand cynicism and sarcasm. Go back and read it again with that in mind. You did the same thing with Carson, pretending that I attacked him. Half of your statement seems to agree, but then you argue about points that really were never made. I believe we are on the same page, you just didn't realize it.

Comment Re:Your laws ignore my rights (Score 4, Insightful) 197

You don't see it happening because very few people know about it. Do you think that the lack of media coverage is accidental? Oh I know, Ben Carson the Republican candidate said something loony about having to attack a gunman on a spree just to kill, so that has to take all 7 "News" stations days to investigate and discuss. TPPIP? Not a word could be heard on any of those stations about that one. Amazingly, the candidates are not discussing it or being quoted on that one either.

Oh but Donal Trump this and that, and of course everyone is just mean to Hillary because in all the time she served as Secretary of State she never ever sent or received even 1 classified email.

The game is rigged pretty heavily today. People would probably shit themselves if they really know how much they are being manipulated. But hell, Facebook does not show anything too important in their feeds, and Facebook taking over control of that was accidental too.

That rant is not really directed at you. It is directed at those who are now wearing that same tin-foil hat they accused others of wearing. I hope it fits them well.

Comment Re:I think they're missing the point (Score 1) 184

I think what Microsoft may not be understanding, or may be trying to ignore, is that people aren't buying new hardware because their old hardware meets their needs.

Their old hardware meets their needs for now but wait till everyone and their brother wants portable augmented reality in their pocket and fully interactive VR rooms in their homes. I was hoping to see Linux become the dominant platform for this emerging scene but politics prevailed (Linux support from Oculus/Facebook has obviously taken a back seat to DirectX); there'll come a day in the not-so-distant future when families will be getting second mortgages to finance upgrades of their Microsoft Home Worldservers or whatnot...

Too much Science Fiction in your statement. VR has been out for quite a while in TVs. Sales of these never spiked, and people don't run out and buy 3d movies. Soldiers use some of the augmentation technology, but that is a very special case market. Joe Coder, Chef Jane, and Pat the Welder don't want or need VR and/or augmented information. Well, Joe the coder might want a nice eyeball display, but that is only for the pr0n and not because of work.

Comment Re:No, No, and No again! (Score 0) 184

You, an anonymous person on Slashdot, are a higher authority than the people who make and market the software? Really? The installer has an option defaulted to "ON" which states very plainly "Send your keystrokes and typed information to Microsoft and third parties".

I don't need a 3rd party to interpret English, I speak it and read it just fine.

Note that this "option" gives no method of tuning or controlling what gets sent or to who it gets sent to, at least during the install.

No, I refuse to do the work for you. I gave you the method of proving my statement true. I have installed Windows 10 on 3 separate VMs so far (no physical machines) and each time used the custom option to disable that 'feature' (and several more) .

Comment No, No, and No again! (Score 1, Interesting) 184

It is not a fringe minority on Slashdot by any stretch of the imagination. The Snowden leaks have had legal ramifications world wide and changed how US companies have to do business across the globe. Even the nanny State of California just had to sign a No SPY-ON-US bill because even the far left is afraid of the behavior demonstrated by the NSA. (And of course the turds holding office that are allowing and pushing this behavior.)

Because people were not out burning buildings and killing people you believe there was no impact? I'll give you that the legal process is not fast, but there has been some ground made. Not a lot, and not enough.. but some. Further, I'd almost consider what we see in politics as a mass riot. The entrenched are having a really hard time and I don't see it getting any easier for them (even though the media is pandering it's ass off)

What Google did and does is not the same as MS having a build in keylogger sending your Keystrokes to MS. I'll give you partial credit for that, but have to point out that you are completely ignoring how bad Windows 10 is. Why are they getting away with it so far? Well it's a few months in and it's a "free" OS. People have figured out how to turn things off already, and I'm sure this will get better over time.. That "better" has nothing to do with MS however, it's intelligent consumers circumventing MS.

Comment Re:Survey bias (Score 5, Interesting) 112

benign forms of cancer

No there are not. And yes I am a doctor. Cancer is by definition NOT benign. Now you may be referring to less aggressive cancers and yes there are plenty of those. Basal cell carcinoma for example. Some prostate cancers. Cervical cancers. All of those are very slow in the growing and spreading. However thyroid cancers, due to their location, are obvious pretty quickly. People tend to wonder about that lump sticking out of their throat.

Still all of that is besides the point. When autopsies are performed, any cancers are noted even when the patient dies of unrelated conditions. For example almost ALL men over age 80 and ALL men above 90 have prostate cancer, although most of them die from something else. So yes you're right in that cancer can go undetected. But you are wrong in thinking we don't know exactly what the "normal" amount of cancer is in a population.

Comment Correct treatment? Radioactive iodine abalation. (Score 1, Interesting) 112

Correct treatment? Radioactive iodine abalation.

If only they had some radiation with which to treat those cancers... particularly radiation in shell fish, given shell fish are a common source of iodine.

Isn't it more likely that avoiding eating fish would account for the difference (assuming there is one, after you control for "suspected cases", and you compare to a relatively unexposed genetically similar population of children elsewhere in Japan, I mean)?

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