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Comment Re:Who still uses pagers? (Score 1) 278

Our hospital is looking into something called Spok for secure messaging. Should work whereever the cell phone has wifi or cell service. It's a secure texting app that's HIPAA compliant and has desktop/web versions so that the operators or nurses can send us texts without having to use a phone. Added bonus of read receipts and ping-back to the sender (if wanted) if the message isn't read in a timely manner (ie: STAT pages).

At least that's what our IT guys told me. We haven't gotten it yet.

Comment Re:POWER8? (Score 1) 117

Okay. I guess the community's dumbed down enough that asking whether an open hardware system (running on a POWER chip could run the security nightmare which is Microsoft Windows 10) could run MS Windows could conceivably be a valid question.

My, how this community has slid. :-(

I'm just going to go back into lurking mode and tend to my lawn, I guess.

Comment Re:Advisors? (Score 1) 71

Similar situation. I started reading up on investing (books: The Boglehead Guide To Investing, Common Sense on Mutual Funds, The Boglehead Guide To Retirement, Where Are The Customers' Yachts?, The Little Book Of Common Sense Investing).

Now I have close to 80% of my funds managed personally and just over 20% under a guy my dad recommended to me 20 years ago.

My project for this year is to get rid of the guy. He never put my funds in tax-safe ways and has about $50k sitting in cash for a number of years.

I keep a monthly sheet of my asset allocations. Since I am still in the income generating phase of existence, I decide each month where to put money based on the percentage worth of my assets compared to my goal percentages:
65% Total Stock Market / S&P 500
5 % Total International
5% Fun Stuff (Individual Stocks, sector ETFs)
25% Bonds

Comment This is the killer app for VR headsets. (Score 2) 30

Sporting events are likely THE killer app for VR headsets.

Would be pretty cool to watch the football game from the point of view of the quarterback or someone else on the field. Similarly, would actually make Nascar racing interesting to be able to watch it from the driver's perspective.

I would certainly go and watch a sporting event with VR headset enhancements.

Come to think about it, the bandwidth for this is probably more than most people can push down from their home ethernet in realtime. This would make it the perfect sort of app for those Off Tack Betting sort of places.

Comment Diplomacy vs. Guns Blazing... (Score 0) 229

Another win for cool, calm diplomacy.

Yes, we have to be vigilant. As Reagan used to say, "Trust, but verify". We are certainly building ties that will hopefully allow Iran to rejoin the international community in the decades to come. Just like we did with Germany after WW2 and the Soviet Union after the Cold War.

Is it smooth roads ahead? No, of course not. International diplomacy never is. They sure aren't with Russia right now, but that doesn't mean that the diplomatic work in the 80s with them was a mistake.

But between the nuclear deal, the quite prompt release of the Americans that drifted into their waters earlier this week, and talk about the prisoner exchange all seems to be heading in the right direction.

Comment Fantastic (Score 1) 121

I just spent $1710 on a 75" 1080p TV (after rebates and such, NOT on a Black Friday deal).

TV prices are crashing through the floor and the base models are good enough for almost anyone.

As usual, the early adopters will cushion the blow for the rest of us.

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