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Comment Re:Easy solution (Score 1) 458

After all the bad press about the 'nice punchy little turbo diesel VW', I'd wish my state had laws taking them off the road until they were fixed.

Emission standards exist for a reason. If your car doesn't pass them, you don't get to drive it.

If that means you join a class action lawsuit against the manufacturer, so be it.

Comment Re:Tim Cook doesn't know why anyone would buy a PC (Score 1) 337

When people don't have a MSWindows tablet or phone, they are getting by without MSWindows applications. In that setting, there's less demand for MSWindows desktop computers.

On the other hand, when their iOS device is known to hand off applications to OS X, maybe you'll get more people to Mac desktops.

It's not a large percentage of MS Windows users, but a small percentage of MSWindows users makes up a significant number of Mac users.

Comment Re:Odd choice (Score 2) 337

[...](for standard light Office apps, some games and some more demading programs)

I think you proved their point for them. If it can't do everything a desktop can do, people are going to need the desktop.

On the other hand, if it is a really good tablet and can hand off apps to the desktop Mac (it's baked into the current iOS/OS X versions), that's considered a good deal in the Apple books. Maximal functionality with minimal compromise.

Comment Re:911 Call (Score 1) 284

Let's take the times at face value.

Someone called 911 9 minutes after his discovery. Since no one is allowed to call 911, presumably the call was made by security who are trained to perform EMS function and Basic Life Support.

EMS arrived 10 minutes after they were called.

Therefore (hypothetically) security was able to start basic life support faster than if EMS was called directly.

Comment Re:Ugh (Score 1) 191

Not just that, but Ubuntu was probably the first with a cleaned up repository with reasonable dependencies.

Back then it wouldn't be uncommon to have circular dependencies or installing one application will force another one to either not work or get removed.

Comment OpenELEC and network drive (Score 1) 236

Each TV at home has a small computer running OpenELEC or similar XBMC/Kodi distributions. The bigger computers are nettops like the Acer AspireRevo series. The smaller one is a Raspberry Pi 2B.

They all connect to a NAS share that contains all my videos. I rip DVDs and BluRays that I own (several hundred) and more recently rent (via Red Box).

Remote controls are Logitech Harmony One remotes for a couple of the boxes and an old iPad running an XBMC/Kodi remote control app on one of them.

Comment Re:Buy them Macs with AppleCare. (Score 1) 193

Agree 100%.

About a decade ago I got my dad an Apple desktop because I was tired of reconfiguring his Windows PC every few weeks. (They live ~80 miles from me and I would have to go a couple times a month at least. Difficult to do and keep harmony with the wife and kids with their weekend schedules.)

Now he manages his own photo library, emails, watches videos his friends send him, and my support calls are down to (at most) once a year.

If anything, my mom complains that now that the computer works all the time, my dad is on the computer a lot more and she sees me a lot less.

Apple hardware may be a bit overpriced, but it's well worth it for my parents.

Comment Re:Cheap you say? (Score 1) 209

My machine came with 16GB. A year ago one of the 4GB DIMMs died on me. I pulled it out and chucked it. I was planning on replacing it, but never got around to it.

I occasionally look at my memory usage. with 12GB ram and a 5GB swap, I almost never use more than 4GB of the ram and 3% of swap space.

tl;dr : Memory might be cheap, but we need less than we think we do.

Comment Re:We have to redefine "malicious" (Score 0) 90

"Claiming to âoeprotect your phone from malware and theftâ, this malicious app runs in the background of victimsâ(TM) devices once downloaded and collects their data and location."

If I was that crapware maker, I would feel quite comfortable marketing my app as a "Windows 10 security doubler". After all, if Windows 10 logs your data and sends it to a site on the internet, it must be doubly secure to send the data to a second site.

Comment Ask the state! (Score 4, Funny) 115

It needs to have an iPad app that is simple enough for a three-year-old to use with help and for a five-year-old to use without help;

Ask the state to help. After all, if you're leaving a three year old with a five year old, the state will get involved at some point soon.

Or, if I misinterpreted and there's some sort of adult supervision, have the adult press the damn icon on your iPad.

"Necessity is the mother of invention" is a silly proverb. "Necessity is the mother of futile dodges" is much nearer the truth. -- Alfred North Whitehead