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Comment Insurance is not like music (Score 1) 194 194

Music by specific artists is a unique product -- another artist generally can't reproduce the same music in exactly the same way.

Insurance is the opposite. All auto insurance is essentially the same -- the differences have very little value. If one insurance company fails to update it's business model, 5 more insurance companies will swoop in and take the business.

Comment Re:Not Everyone Owns a Garage (Score 1) 861 861

Yes, but how many of those homes have a garage? And how many of those garages are used for parking vehicles? How many garages are capable of fitting all vehicles owned by building residents?

^This! My current house has a driveway, but no garage. My previous house had no garage, no driveway, and no place to build one. The last house I lived in with a garage didn't have electricity to the garage. An electric car wouldn't have worked for any of them.

Comment Re: So much stupid (Score 4, Informative) 100 100

Which just goes to show a lot of indie media is composed of fucking retards

It really doesn't fucking matter whether talking about a black or a white or a hispanic or an asian getting shot in the back by a cop, the "officer's pistol" didn't magically "discharge". The cop murdered a non-threat, plain and simple.

And never mind the recent rash of suicides for traffic violations - I have to give them credit, that takes their disdain for the general population to a new low. They couldn't get much more blunt about how the feel about us short of literally pissing on us at every traffic stop. "Don't worry, I've marked you, the next one will pass you by".

Comment Re:DC power? (Score 1) 235 235

I think the problem with your A/C unit is the location. It appears to be located in an unbearable hell-hole :-)

Yeah, but on the other hand.

Come Oct/Nov....I'll be wearing shorts outside for Thanksgiving and enjoying the weather while much of the US is indoors freezing their asses off, like anything, I guess it is a trade off.

Comment Re:Many gas stations to close? (Score 1) 861 861

An article with this level of simple insight would never get published on Slashdot.

You need to add a conspiracy:

Diesel is only available because ... big oil pushes diesel and bribes politicians to keep it available. Refining oil into gasoline without also producing diesel creates a byproduct with infinite energy per liter. If they stopped making diesel fuel, the oil companies would all go out of business.

Comment Re:DC power? (Score 1) 235 235

That sounds to me like you have a badly undersized unit. Its also possible that something isn't working right

No, I just had it checked, is a good system, etc.

It is just THAT fucking hot down here, and humid. A lot of the AC time on is to dry the air out in the house.

I like to keep the temp about 74F during the day time I"m here, and about 72F at night to sleep. That's comfy to me.

But it gets HOT here at the end of April usually, and we don't even start to get breaks in the heat and humidity till about mid Oct I think....

Comment Re:DC power? (Score 1) 235 235

1) They built houses that were passively cooled

2) Linen. Try it.

Well, I've been in a LOT of #1 type houses here (they still have 100's of year old homes here, and it still ain't cool enough.

And even wearing linen...single layers are still too hot, much less the many layers they seemed to have worn then.

I"m just guessing they were a LOT tougher than we are now.


Comment Re:Low cost chip, high cost support (Score 1) 91 91

It may seem wierd, but it is entirely rational.

Sure the ISA is open, but that is just for the CPU. A meaningful inplementation needs all the stuff that goes around it, and, as with all electronics, volume is king.

Theoretically, as you say, someone who needs a CPU to embed could choose Sparc. Then they could set about developing the rest of the system. But when they place an order, they better have a vlome market - or they would be better of with an alternative by a very large margin.

The existing Sparc targets a very specific market (web/database servers) at which it excels, but the market is not really big enough for other players to have massively bigger volume. The machines for this market have more IP outside the CPU than in it - it is about transactions per second, not instructions per second.

I have tried using Sparc as a workstation, and I am using Intel now. Its about the external infrastructure, not the product. My servers are all Sparc (OpenBSD, not Solaris - no hideous licencing problems, and Solaris majors on features I don't need - but if I did, the licence fees might be worth the money.

Now if a Sparc product was to target the mobile phone market?

Comment Re:quickly to be followed by self-driving cars (Score 1) 861 861

Not me.

I dread the day that the fun and thrill of driving is possibly taken away...kinda of the Red Barchetta song coming true.

Sad, I love my cars...and every day I get into one and fire up the engine, is an adventure.

Life is too short not to have fun and some thrills in life.

And what cost? Even a burger flipper can save and get a basic car, if you have an education and a real job, it isn't like it is draining your wallet in a manner you even notice.

Comment Re:Jeremy clarkson does not approve (Score 0) 861 861

This quote got me:

"Electric cars will be better than any alternative, including the loud, inconvenient, gas-powered jalopy,"

Seriously, do people not like the throaty growl of a well tuned engine? Heck, even kids today put the coffee can mufflers for at least that type sound (I don't find it as pleasant as better, large engine sound, but to each his own.)

I mean, right now, I'm kinda looking at the new Dodge Hellcat Challenger, 707 HP (underrated) bone stock..and MAN, do these things sound good to me. So happy to see a muscle car once again available on the market...harkens back to the muscle care days of the last 60's and early 70's, but with better modern tech, braking and handling.

Me? I want one of these to play around with I think:

Hellcat Quick Burnout

Or this for a bit more in-depth review:

Review..skip to about 1:33 to get past the opening commercial

Will a Tesla out drag this car? Sure. But what fun is it when it is silent? If I had an electric car, I'd almost have to mount speakers outside and give it an engine sound. Cars are meant to be FUN as well as a means for getting from point A to B.

Life is too short not to have a few thrills.

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