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Submission + - Microsoft To Purchase Skype->

MBC1977 writes: "Rumor on Wall Street is that Microsoft is expected to announce Tuesday that they have purchased Skype for $7 to $8 Billion dollars. Can Microsoft do better than eBay (who also had purchased Skype and sold it back to the founders for 2.75 Billion dollars) with this purchase?"
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The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Potential Work for Auction on Ebay

MBC1977 writes: From the article, "A student puts a percentage of his future income up for sale on eBay, hoping investors will cover his education costs"

This brings up an interesting question, how does one quantify an individual's (or any potential job position) work / delivery potential? I wonder because this could change the dynamic of employer / worker relationships and how they are valued.

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