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Journal Journal: April 1st: Holiday For Morons

God, I really hate April Fool's Day when it comes to websites. Everybody develops a so-called "sense of humor" and attempts to "pull one over on us".

It comes as no surprise that /. -- the home of flaky moderation -- should fail to exercise anything close to it when it comes to April Fool's Day jokes. CmdrTaco is like a supermodel in a vomitarium on Thanksgiving today.


Journal Journal: The Leaked Doom 3 Alpha: All Quiet On The Gaming News Front

A partial reprint of what I wrote at

The rumormill is going full-tilt today with word that an Alpha build of id Software's next game, Doom III, has been leaked onto the Net.

Word of this leak comes from several sources, including a passing mention on Evil Avatar and in the forums of several other sites.

I can appreciate how many of these sites would prefer not to help distribute the software by revealing where or how one can obtain the Alpha; you'll note that I too am not providing this information. Still, if the Doom 3 Alpha leak is not a hoax it still strikes me as being a newsworthy event worthy of reporting. After all, one can report on a bombing incident without disclosing how exactly one can make a bomb.

So why the silence, if this all is true?

One might assume that since many of these sites are run by a small handful of individuals, nobody has had time (or was available) to make an update. And in some of these cases, I'm sure, that is the case.

But larger sites such as Blue's News, Voodoo Extreme, ShackNews and Game$py Daily can't really rely on such an excuse, considering that they are all updated many times a day.

Do all these sites consider this news unworthy of publication? Considering that just about anything passes as "gaming news" these days (what costumes the booth chicks at E3 are wearing, John Romero's new shampoo, interviews with assistant sound engineers on an obscure game), I'm not buying it.

Where does that leave us? I'm guessing it boils down to one of two possibilities: that id Software has requested that the major sites stay mum on the whole issue, or that in order to avoid jeopardizing any possible relationship (and the chance to receive free goodies at review time) with id and publisher Activision these sites have censored themselves.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Blog by default 1

So many thoughts, so little time...and probably so few people interested. Is blogging a form of expression, self-therapy, or both?

I have been tempted to start a blog on several occasions, just so I could vent about a particular topic on my mind at the moment (usually after I read something incredibly ignorant posted by some Slashdot ivory tower type). Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) I never have time to sit down and do it.

Funny how a full-time job, a family and higher education tend to do that.

It's time to boot, do your boot ROMs know where your disk controllers are?