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The mirror less Sony Olympus have the same size sensors as the consumer SLR's they make take. In addition they can more or less take the same glass with an adapter. It is a massive benefit being so much smaller, my Olympus Pen EPL2 fits in a pocket, especially with the 21mm pancake lens.. The end result is a camera that leaves the house more often. As for paying a little more for an SLR, well they cost about the same because they only give up the mirror, ie doesn't cost less to manufacture.

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I have the Olympus, very nice Camera and takes wonderful pictures. However I would buy the Sony if I was buying a camera today. Better in low light, and much cheaper lenses due to compatibility with legacy Minolta stuff. Avoid the Nikon, it has awful reviews....

JooJoo Tablet Dies, Fusion Garage Continues On 91 91

vanstinator writes "Due to heavy competition from the iPad and a less-than-stellar entrance into the market, Fusion Garage today released a statement saying that the JooJoo tablet is no more." Company founder Chandrashekar Rathakrishnan says that the company will move forward, but hasn't provided much information about future products. According to, "The JooJoo has had a short life and will be remembered more for the fighting it caused between Fusion and Michael Arrington than anything else. It started life as the CrunchPad and a collaboration between Arrington and Fusion Garage. Then Fusion cut Arrington out of the picture, the name was changed to JooJoo and the price increased from $200 to $500."

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