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Comment: I'm glad (Score 1) 124 124

It seemed like 2/3 of the posts on bargain hunting sites were focused around using this to buy stuff, and it made shopping online a real chore to make sure it went through and to wait to get the money back later. There was always an immense guilt if you didn't use it and I spent too much time crunching numbers.

Comment: Why did they have to use Eclipse? (Score 1, Troll) 66 66

Eclipse has to be the worst environment ever made--and I've used Lotus Designer.

It's great Adobe made a legit IDE for their various tech(Flash, ActionScript, ColdFusion). But when it's built on top of the steaming pile that's Eclipse, how effective of a tool can it really be?

I do Flash and ColdFusion development. I've tried to use Flex Builder 3, and the Flash Builder 4 betas. It just isn't good. Every time I try to write code with something based on Eclipse, I'm fighting the IDE more than I'm actually writing code. The same can be said for CFEclipse, or Aptana.

There NEEDS to be better tools. But as soon as I see Eclipse, it's a pass.

Comment: Summer to Fall (Score 1) 451 451

September starts the NFL season, the NHL is kicking off to get ready in October. Baseball is entering the playoff stretch.

Get some concrete information on the holiday releases, as well as a couple great games that get released a bit before the season.

It's getting cool enough where outdoor activities are really enjoyable.

All sorts of great stuff happens in Sept/Oct

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