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Comment: Re: The real reason (Score 1) 52

by LuxuryYacht (#49334967) Attached to: Australian Company Creates Even Faster 3D Printer

Combining different deposition technologies to manufacture items with multiple materials has been possible for quite some time. The problem is mostly with the patent system in the west. It's a patent minefield of obvious claims by patent holders that aren't even using the tech or are not interested in anything other than prototyping at slow print rates with very high profit margins on the materials. I expect an explosion of the tech in China or after a few more of the patents expire in the west.

Comment: Re:Liberated? What about the hardware? (Score 1) 229

by LuxuryYacht (#48858169) Attached to: Librem: a Laptop Custom-Made For Free/Libre Software

The main cost in developing a laptop is the high cost of tooling for the injection molding. plans on rapidly printing laptop cases to get around this problem and making all the main components as modules. SLA resolution is in the sub-100 micron range vs well over 100 micron for FDM. It's also an order or two of magnitude faster.

Comment: The "Engineers" really don't know how to design .. (Score 1) 325

by LuxuryYacht (#48766521) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: High-Performance Laptop That Doesn't Overheat?

..them to run cooler.

They don't teach thermal management to EE's or ME's. The two groups each work on their own portions of the laptop and then cram a heat pipe and fan assembly into the case that the heat pipe supplier says might work. Thermally conductive thermoplastics have been around for decades yet they never seem to make it into laptop enclosures. Some are more thermally conductive than aluminum and are are not too costly for them to be incorporated into the design.

There is a new open laptop project at Open Lunchbox starting up that intends to provide open reference designs for enclosures that use the enclosure as part of the cooling system.

Comment: Re:It's about time. (Score 1) 24

by LuxuryYacht (#48494505) Attached to: Open hardware and Software AMD64 Laptop

This is not about mass market appeal to the average consumer. They buy whatever they are conditioned to purchase. This is for those people that understand and care about freedom and open source. This gives them the opportunity to modify, control and use their hardware the way they see fit.

Take a look at why, how and where people use Linux as an example of open source.

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