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Comment: A, C, G, T (Score 1) 722

by Luxifer (#36519242) Attached to: I Name My Servers After:

I ran a DNA synthesis lab for years. Had 4 computers hooked up to oligo synthesizers. I named them Adenine, Cytosine, Guanine, Thymine. My boss hated it, could never figure out which one was which, even tho they had a huge letter written on the front of each one.

All the other ones were functional. HPLC for the HPLC machine, etc.

Comment: Re:Oh great... (Score 1) 430

by Luxifer (#31844328) Attached to: The Pirate Party of Canada Is Official

Another Canadian political party siphoning off left-leaning voters.

Hey! I consider myself a small-c conservative, but I mostly support the ideas of the pirate party. Don't think they're just a bunch of lefties. Freedom isn't factional. I think the problem is we don't separate people's political/economic views from their social views. I believe that socialism belongs in..well... society. People should take care of each other, because they want to, because they think it's right, or whatever. But government should be more conservative. And I think there are many more like me. I'm really tired of this right vs left thing, and whether an idea or policy is right wing or left wing. You can believe in social socialism and political conservatism and economic liberalism without being inconsistent. A real conservative would believe in staying the hell out of the whole copyright mess anyways. And a real socialist would believe in legislating everything. So how did this get turned around? I just wish there was a conservative party to vote for that wasn't socially conservative.

Comment: Re:Certification (Score 1) 308

by Luxifer (#24751705) Attached to: Software Quality In a Non-Software Company?

If you are in the bio tech field then all of your processes need to conform to ISO13485. T

This is for medical devices. There is lots of biotech that is outside this area. I work designing DNA synthesizers, and they are not covered by this at all. There are ISO standards they may want to meet, but this may not be one of them.


+ - Censoring our Beloved Cartoons->

Submitted by
Luxifer writes "We all know that shows like the Simpsons and Family guy are screened before they get to air, I am sometimes amazed at what gets past the censors. But what about our childrens' cartoons? Shows like The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius and Casper's Scare School? Wired has a story about the writers of these shows and the hoops that they have to jump through just to entertain our kiddies. One show requires that the script is approved by 47 people before it's approved. Another show considers the word 'beseech' to be blasphemous. Personally, I think as long as you're not trying to show Horton Hires a Ho, or Bi-Curious George, you should let the writers have their creative reign. The Flintstones had a lot of content that kids wouldn't get, that's what made it fun for the adults to watch it with their kids."
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