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by Luthe_Faydwire (#30641752) Attached to: <em>Avatar</em> Soars Into $1-Billion Territory

The problem with the "technology" was that it did not make sense. They jacked into the bodies and controlled them half a world away without even a light speed delay. If they had progressed to mind transplant or genome modification that would allow the modification of humans it would have made more sense.

That the bodies were custom to the DNA of the individual but not to the mind was also strange.

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Very small amounts of the spam is sent though the ISP mail gateway. To get a mildly accurate number the ISP would need to deep packet inspect all traffic to the standard mail gateways ports. While this is possible there is very little immediate benefit to the ISP. As the infrastructure cost is immediate most ISPs only deploy a trial to benchmark the system before abandoning the project.

I am also fairly sure that most people only glance at their bills for the amount due.

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I bought Torment and played it once and never again. Thought about playing it again a few times but always had other places to spend the time. Recommended it to a few people but also told others not to bother as I could be sure they would not like it for various reasons.

Looking glass also produced Thief. The first one I played many times, the second once and the 3rd I was not able to get though at all... I bought all of them and the only one that I felt was truly worth it and recommended was the first.

So yes I felt they did not understand the market well enough... at least the Thief market as many of the people I talked with about the games had the same experience.

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"Building tall buildings underground, instead of above."
First, building up is much less expensive than building down. Second, having been in a bunker with false light systems... you get to miss even the small amount of natural light that you get in the center of current skyscrapers.

"Requiring high altitudes for all planes, military or civilian, and producing auto-shoot auto-aim turrets around the ciy with no warning shots."
Requiring that the airport be a significant distance from any city or the planes are shot down before they get to "approved height". How far to you want to drive to the airport? It would also be putting interesting weapons around everywhere for people to play with... just imagine the first hardhack tagged story around that.

"Include parashoots as standard emergency materials for skyscrapers?"
Wind around skyscrapers is very hazardous, look into wind tunnel effects that are reported around skyscrapers. Zip lines would be safer but impractical in other ways.

After all is said and done, a hell of a lot more is said than done.