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Comment: Re:Yes, this needs to stop, but... "Help yourself" (Score 1) 130 130

Agreed, my bank's application has always required location access which is why I've never installed it (perhaps with M...), I presumed it was mostly for their locate an ABM but didn't want to read and watch the ToS to be sure. I've also uninstalled applications I was using when an update added location perms.

Comment: Clarification Required (Score 2, Insightful) 337 337

I think it depends on precisely what they're asking for here. To me the TLD accessed is a red herring by Google, if the EU wants the filter to apply to its citizens its not unreasonable it would apply to all of Google's domains. Though that should not mean the filter would apply to folks outside the EU accessing those domains.

This is also the pot calling the kettle black. The USA frequently attempts to govern outside its national boundaries, see the recent FIFA investigation as a recent example.

In practice, failures in system development, like unemployment in Russia, happens a lot despite official propaganda to the contrary. -- Paul Licker