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Comment Re:MOOCs: my worst education experiences ever. (Score 2) 46

I have a university degree completed in person, and I've also completed real complete university courses online. I know exactly how to manage time. I'm saying that a 3-hour lecture the student needs to sit through is an outmoded concept driven by the idea a hall needs to be reserved and students need to travel to it.

Video also forces a particular pacing, why should we still be limited to the (below) average learning speed? Real online courses for credit when I took them (~10-years back, math, science, arts) all used textbook reading and paper.

If they feel video is necessary, why not slice the weekly topics into individual videos? Easier to record, easier to consume, easier to review a specific topic later

Comment Consumer Routers are Junk (Score 4, Insightful) 198

Unfortunately the trend for the past 10-years has been ever worse consumer router hardware, a lack of security updates, decreasing performance and increasing prices. Further, a number of manufacturers have been going down the 'cloud' rathole. The industry is as bad as the telcos & cable, I for one welcome our new Google overlords.

While I'd rather run a pfsense box, these may still turn out to be much better than standard routers and be the one to recommend to your friends & family.

Comment Re:Wronger (Score 1) 435

Purely personal preference.

Layout sure (though for tech people contorting your hands to use insert, home, end, delete, pg up and pg down is not good), the feel is definitely worse than thinkpads, though ultrabooks all feel like junk.

As opposed to regular PC laptops?

Yes, the macbook pros I've had have had 2.5-3 hours maximum battery life in Windows, less when doing many full builds. Comparable PC laptops are over double this.

More like Microsoft's design choice to prioritize speed over power savings, while Apple has done the reverse.

It has nothing to do with that, while I agree OSX uses less battery (though is also more aggressive with dimming etc.) bootcamp boots Windows with some CPU power states inaccessible and only access to the discrete GPU (instead of the CPU integrated). Obviously both of these are pretty harmful to battery life.

Comment Wrong (Score 5, Informative) 435

They do not last any longer than any business class hardware, they are no faster than any other laptop (I guess other than a pcie SSD which really doesn't translate into noteable improvements)

As someone who has spent the last 5-years using macbooks with windows installed for work there are massive downsides. The keyboards are awful (bad layout and bad feel), they run very hot, and the battery life is poor. Both the last two points are Apples fault for disabling various power CPU states and using a proprietary GPU switching solution which they do not provide a driver for leaving Windows with access only to the integrated GPU.

If you're a Windows user you should not by Apple unless you absolutely need to have access to OSX, and even then you should consider a Windows laptop and a mac mini which combined will probably cost less.

Comment Questionable Premise (Score 1) 392

They don't appear to have made a case *why* decrypting cellphones would help solve the crime. Who did they belong to? If they're owned by victim its unlikely they include much of value or they'd be smashed (and merely taking them to the home router while charged will probably backup to the cloud, where a warrant will help you). Otherwise, go talk to the carrier and get a warrant to find the devices owners. Heck, I imagine Apple & Google could determine which cloud accounts are linked to the device.

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