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Comment: Re:so did they or did they not have a running prot (Score 1) 217

I imagine many are exposed to the process and know people in it, they're using their own money, and often use shoddy components that didn't quite pass Q&A. Its a bit like the Korean 27" monitors that were the rage last year, the panels were the ones that didn't quite meet the grading for Dell / LG / Apple.

Comment: Re:Insurance (Score 1) 217

Except that it isn't an investing platform, the backers aren't getting equity in the company. Personally I'm hopeful that eventually one of these failed projects will be sued and we'll get a better idea of the legal rights of the backers. Plus maybe one of these shitty companies will be forced into bankruptcy so everyone understands this isn't free money, its real life.

After Goliath's defeat, giants ceased to command respect. - Freeman Dyson