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Comment: How the next DHS Grant might be applied for.... (Score 1, Funny) 94 94

The FUD industry really is scrambling for the money aren't they.

Can you imagine, actually getting paid to sit around jerking off to how disasters could happen for no other reason than to enrich yourself selling the fear, has now been turned into an entire industry.

Comment: Re: Above Congress? (Score 2) 155 155

> Politics remains the entertainment arm of the military-industrial complex. After all, people would be
> mildly non-plussed to learn that they were secretly ruled by spooks and banksters.

It is all Bread and Circuses. The whole system is really great in a way. We have a diffuse democracy at all the low levels, feeding up in a pyramid scheme to a few people at the top. The total resources of 300 million people is taxed and at the disposal of under 1000 elected people...

You almost couldn't ask for a better situation for playing global games for profit.

Comment: Re:Drone It (Score 1) 768 768

Oh I don't think any amount of carnage will ever be what prevents war. People have an amazing capacity to ignore it, that part is easy, there is a reason reporters became "embedded".

What I do think is that anyone capable of actually building and fielding a truely modern army in a major engagement capacity is capable of doing the math and realizing what a stupid idea it is for him. I also think those same people can do the math and realize how insanely profitable the status quo is for everyone involved on a broad range of issues.

Comment: Re:Drone It (Score 2) 768 768

I honestly don't think a real "organized" war of that kind is likely to ever happen again. We have long since passed the point where the major actors are just too big and powerful to risk war with eachother, so they engage in little more than proxy wars against eachother's minor interests.

Even that doesn't really seem to describe the present day since the major powers major interests are so aligned they don't even proxy war with eachother so much as with the fallout from the decades worth of mess they made with their proxy wars.

Maybe some small time actors will have "real wars" with each other, or maybe we will have one against a small time actor, but, I suspect anything even as large as a US/Iran war is all but impossible at this point.

Comment: Re:rotfl "Can't recall" vs "never happened" (Score 1) 32 32

In general nothing. However, in this particular case the implications are amusing.

Note he very specifically said:

Now, it is true that some of my reporting has been based on hacked cybercrime forums and hacked cybercriminals, but I can't recall an instance wherein I was the one responsible for the hacking

Now..... I would believe a hacker who was breaking into forums and stealing data might forget who he hacked and when. Similarly, if Magic Johnson told me "I don't recall sleeping with that woman", I might believe he doesn't remember THAT woman.

However the thing I have trouble with is the idea of seeing that line between investigating and actively attacking a host. You know, that line where the port scans end and the nop slides begin.....its a pretty bright line. The only way I feel he "doesn't recall" writing about his exploits is, by having so many exploits of his own he can't recall which ones he may have written about.

Thats what I find funny.

Comment: rotfl "Can't recall" vs "never happened" (Score 4, Funny) 32 32

Great answers but, when I got to this: "Now, it is true that some of my reporting has been based on hacked cybercrime forums and hacked cybercriminals, but I can't recall an instance wherein I was the one responsible for the hacking."

I couldn't help but laugh at the lack of a true denial. I have trouble imagining not being able to recall something like this. Hell, I can recall times I was tempted to put on a dark hat and attack someone's box (I was pretty sure he was the guilty party I was helping track down as a favor for if you are going to engage in cybercrime, don't use the same screen name known to your victims to post youtube videos showing your IP address ... best part is, I didn't even know the screen name until I told them who I thought it was, and they said I just named one of their suspects)

Comment: Re:The First Rule of Bacterial Fight Club (Score 1) 30 30

Actually, I am pretty sure you are right but for the wrong reasons.

As I recall the existing protocols were basically finding and manufacturing specific phages for each case, which makes for a bit of a labor intensive protocol. There is probably room to profit off that but its going to be in running a clinical lab itself or supply of specialized equipment.

Its not about cheap, its about where the cost is and what it is on.

+ - ITER won't be ready until 2027->

Taco Cowboy writes: Started back in 1985, the ITER, (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) project has suffered repeated delays and cost overruns, so much so that the first plasma originally scheduled for 2019 is "clearly not feasible", according to Dr. Bernard Bigot, the newly appointed director general

Part of the reason for the slow progress is down to the way the project is structured. The European Union, as host party, will contribute up to about 50% of the costs and the other parties 10% each. However, technical decisions require consensus and because those relating to the design of components will inevitably impact some parties more than others, it is difficult to reach. In one case discussions dragged on for six years without a definitive answer. Without that decision work did not progress

Dr. Bigot decides that ITER must gear up to take a more decisive role in the project. “What was plaguing the project before is that there was confusion between the best technical solution and sharing of the cost," said Bigot. “Now I want just the best technical decision. The cost will be covered according to the share of the parties, reflecting the spirit of the ITER agreement"

Dr. Bigot's current aim is to accomplish the deuterium-tritium plasma (previously planned for March 2027), to a more realistic date. “We are now considering the best way to move on from the first plasma and rush as much as possible to the DT plasma, which will please the scientific community," Bigot said

ITER intends to step up to the plate whenever some parties face difficulties complying with the schedule for delivery of equipment by putting the interests of the project first, and redistribute tasks. For example, the organization has already taken charge of procurement of some components on behalf of domestic agencies, although they still remain responsible for the costs

Dr. Bigot stresses that the project is too far advanced for design changes, with more than €7 billion of procurement contracts in place and over 1000 companies at work

“You could not just change [the scope] in the have to go, or stop." He concluded: "The time has come for the ITER Organization to demonstrate it is serious. The biggest risk is that we lose trust of the political leaders and public opinion, then the project would be dead"

Link to Original Source

Comment: Re:Hmmm .... (Score 1) 75 75

Funny thing is, those terms and stickers don't even always hold water.

There was a hilarious case a while back where some PC manufacturer lost a lawsuit where they had refused a warrantee repair. Basically the courts told them PC buyers expect to open the case so you can't refuse warantee service over an expected operating condition, but, they can require the customer to revert any changes they made before they qualify for service.

Didn't stop the proliferation of stickers of course, because they may not actually void anything, but they may make you decide not to try a warantee claim.

Hell my monitor has an ugly bracket for the stand on the bottom, if you want to put it on an arm, you have to either leave the bracket sticking down off the bottom, or, remove a sticker to get it off.... lol, sticker removed.

Comment: Weak-minded officials == corruption (Score 1) 226 226

Weak-minded government officials are an example of government corruption.

Anyone who accepted the idea, "not allowing parking lots was to push people into not having cars", was weak-minded. The idea was always to save the builders money, and have residents use the surrounding streets instead. The resulting lack of parking reduced the values of surrounding houses, because, for example, house owners could not have parties if their guests could not find a place to park.

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