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Comment: Re:Port it to Qt, please! GTK+ is awful! (Score 1) 44

by Lunix Nutcase (#48949677) Attached to: Inkscape Version 0.91 Released

he portability of the Windows and OSX UI frameworks could properly be called "utter rubbish", because they're not intended to be portable at all.

What exactly do either of those have to do with a discussion of Qt vs GTK+?

In contrast, GTK+ apps can and do run on both Windows and OSX, and many applications work quite well on both platforms.

I've use GTK+ apps on both Windows and OS X and they do not work "quite well". Many OS X GTK+ apps still require pulling in X11 which adds extra hassle and more dependencies whereas Qt does not have that issue (even if Qt apps still don't look completely native on OS X).

Comment: Re:O...okay? (Score 1) 44

by Lunix Nutcase (#48949661) Attached to: Inkscape Version 0.91 Released

What's funny is how limited / limiting the default software set is on Windows (a bit better on Mac OS X, but still falls short), if you're used to the kind of apps that come with a typical Linux distro, or are available for instant free download.

I'm pretty sure it's due to all the lawsuits and regulatory pressure they've already faced when trying to bundle too much of their own software.


The NSA Is Viewed Favorably By Most Young People 245

Posted by Soulskill
from the haven't-learned-when-to-trust dept.
cstacy writes: A poll by the Pew Research Center suggests that Snowden's revelations have not much changed the public's favorable view of the NSA. Younger people (under 30) tend to view the NSA favorably, compared to those 65 and older. 61% of people aged 18-29 viewed the NSA favorably, while 30% viewed the NSA unfavorably and 9% had no opinion. 55% of people aged 30-49 viewed the NSA favorably. At the 65+ age bracket, only 40% of people viewed the NSA favorably.

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