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Internet Explorer's Successor, Project Spartan, Is Called Microsoft Edge 152

Posted by samzenpus
from the a-rose-by-any-other-name dept.
An anonymous reader writes: At its Build 2015 developer conference today, Microsoft announced Project Spartan will be called Microsoft Edge. Joe Belfiore, Microsoft's corporate vice president of the operating systems group, announced the news on stage, adding that Edge will have support for extensions. Edge is Microsoft's new browser shipping on all Windows 10 devices (PCs, tablets, smartphones, and so on). Belfiore explained the name as referring to "being on the edge of consuming and creating."

Comment: Re:Shady Misinformation About Real Name Policy Too (Score 1) 359

by Lunix Nutcase (#49560059) Attached to: Google Insiders Talk About Why Google+ Failed

And yet Facebook never seemed to enforce it. I have family members with multiple fake accounts that have lasted for years and years all so they could invite those fake accounts as friends in games. And they weren't even remotely sneaky about making them appear as real.

Comment: Re:Oh boo hoo! (Score 2) 112

by Lunix Nutcase (#49545853) Attached to: Comcast Officially Gives Up On TWC Merger

And before someone comes along telling me how it's all the fault of local governments that we have these monopolies, that's simply not true. The reason these local monopolies exist, is that for decades the cable operators required these exclusivity agreements from the local governments as a condition of even serving their municipal area. It was not that the local governments decided to force these monopolies upon the cable companies against their will.

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