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Puzzle Games (Games)

Submission Myst Online MMO to be released as open source->

Lunatrik writes: Title pretty much tells it — Myst Online creator Cyan Worlds has opted to take an open-sourcing End of Life approach to the online game, rather than simply cutting its lifeline. Both client and server-side code will be made available. Cnet:
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Role Playing (Games)

Submission Flagship Studios going under->

Lunatrik writes: In a not entirely unexpected turn of events, Flagship Studios, the producers of the bug-ridden (at release!) game Hellgate: London is going under, multiple sources are reporting. In addition, many current subscribers to the game are finding themselves unable to cancel their subscriptions due to "technical errors".
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The Almighty Buck

Submission Need more Tubes: Internet at Capacity in 2010->

Lunatrik writes: "The fear-mongering techniques that ISPs are using to push against net neutrality have come to a new pitch, with AT&T's declaration that the internet, without investment in infrastructure, would hit full capacity in 2010.

When pressed further on the issue of net neutrality, AT&Ts spokesman described it as "a solution in search of a problem"."

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The Courts

Submission US Government : Listening in on your Lawyer->

Lunatrik writes: "The New York Times is reporting on the Monitoring the US Government is performing on lawyers dealing with "terrorist" clients. Citing two officials from the Justice Department:
"If a terrorist suspect living in a foreign country is calling into the United States and all of his calls are being monitored, the calls to his lawyers here might be intercepted, as well," one of the officials said. "It's not as if we're targeting the lawyer for surveillance. It's not like we're eager to violate lawyer-client privilege. The lawyer is just one of the people whose calls from the suspect are being swept up.""

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Submission 1 out of 100 US American Adults in Prison->

Lunatrik writes: The New York Times in reporting that 1 out of every 100 American Adults are in prison, setting the stage for state budget woes and some hard decisions on how to handle both violent and nonviolent inmates. Taking this into account, is our legal system due for an overhaul? Alternatively, does our society simply need to get better at "rehabilitation"?
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Submission $83,000 Cellphone Bill Shocks Canadian Father

Lunatrik writes: "Data Transfer costs are apparently worth more than gold in Canada, or at least that is what cellphone providers would have you believe. Having not read the fine print of his contract, a Canadian father provided his cellphone to his son to use in the field to browse the internet. Little did he (or his son) know, the "unlimited" $10 a month plan he had signed up for would end up costing him $83,000 in fee's at the end of the month. Kudos to the phone company, though, for reducing the charge to a mere C$3,400 out of "goodwill"..."

Submission Federal Agent's Raid Homes for Modchips->

Lunatrik writes: Invoking the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998, Federal Custom's Agents have raided over 30 homes and businesses looking to confiscate so-called 'mod chips', or other devices that allow the playback of pirated video games. This raises an important question: Are legitimate backup copies of a piece of software you own illegal under the DMCA?
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