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Comment Book vs. computer (Score 1) 478

I'm a Finnish high school student who uses computers a lot. People would expect me to do most studying on a computer too, but no, I don't do that. One reason is that computers have a habit of not working when you need to write a really important paper. But that's a completely different thing.

I've always been very successful at school, and I think it's mostly because I read books so much. I learned to read really early (at age 3), and I've always enjoyed visiting the library and going home with a pile of books. I spent countless nights reading books years ago. You can read on a computer, of course, but that just doesn't feel the same - even with an e-book reader like Kindle.

I still often read school books for hours without realizing that it's already 2am and I should be asleep. There's no way I would ever read anything useful on a computer for that long unless I really had to.

I like how with books you can just grab one and start reading. On a computer you have to start the program and then search for the file, which, as I'm messy person, can sometimes take a while. Files can also get corrupt and compability problems aren't rare, especially as I use Linux.

We all have netbooks in school, but I don't use mine much. Most teachers don't even know what you could do with them and most students only use theirs for writing notes. I find it just a distraction, so I prefer a pencil-and-paper system.

Of course computers are still useful for some things. It's easy to look up facts, like if I want to know what "schneiden" means. Chatting with people from other countries is only useful for learning languages. A tablet or netbook is lighter to carry than a pile of books, but as we still use books, the result is just the opposite.

Still, I believe that computers could be useful, but often they're used just because technology is cool. Most teachers don't really know what to do with them.

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