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Comment Sure! (Score 1) 77 77

Honestly, force internet to be like a utility. dont let them be for profit and force them to spend at last 50% of all profits on infrastructure build out.

These asshole CEO's don't want to do the right thing, then it needs to be done at gunpoint with regulations and laws. Let the SWAT teams raid a CEO office for once instead of a poor persons house.

Comment Still drivers issues with the Surface pro. (Score 1) 145 145

The surface pro and Surface pro 2 BOTH have had non stop issues with wireless drivers for two reasons.

1 - microsoft chose the shittiest wireless chipset made on the planet, the Marvell Avastar 88W8797 Wireless
2 - The drivers were written by drunken morons.

you can easily bork the wireless that require you to delete the device, uninstall the drivers, reboot, re detect and then reinstall the drivers. I was hoping that microsoft had fixed this with windows 10, but nope. it's the exact same crap windows 8 driver that somehow self corrupts it's self on boot up.

It doesn't help that Marvell as a company makes only steaming piles of dog shit. All of their chipsets are complete garbage and any maker that uses them are ran by morons.

Comment Re:ran debian on sparc for over 10 years (Score 3, Interesting) 152 152

Used it in comcast to make close to $1,000,000 a day gathering data from the old ad insertion boxes.

Solaris was a major PITA to deal with so I installed debian and simply rewrote the data harvester in C and it ran that way for 11 years. 4 of which were without any maintenance at all as I had left the company. and 4 years later I started getting notifications of script failures to a private email address I had that interfaced with my MSN watch. (Yes that long ago)

The funny part is someone recently fired that box back up as last month I had an email that it successfully rebooted and started the cron job but could not find the servers it was trying to harvest data from.

Comment She can give me 30 of them (Score 2) 571 571

I'll even do the install on my home myself.
  give me 30 monocrystalline current tech 300 watt panels. 9000 Watt Hour will reduce my carbon footprint dramatically, in fact I will use a syncing inverter that will push my excess power back to the grid so that my neighbors can benefit from it.

I'll even put a sign in my yard for her if she does this.

Note to the uneducated that will pipe in, This is how most solar installations work, grid intertied syncing inverters without battery storage are incredibly common for solar installs. No it doesn't cost the power company anything.

Comment Free speech does not exist. (Score 4, Insightful) 298 298

In a world where we have "free speech zones" miles from events, and jack booted thugs called police that are too much of pussies to deal with crime instead of being assholes you dont get free speech.

Unless you are rich enough to cause the police problems. Then you can have some.

Comment And this is why I dont have a 500 abarth. (Score 2) 83 83

I was going to buy one, but after looking at owner forums and discovering the problems and horrible service that most people are getting I ran away.

I really like the idea of a small sporty car, and I really wanted one, but not if Fiat cant figure out that you have to bend over backwards for customers and make sure they are happy. Apologize while you fix your screwups and do not try and push back fixing them.

I do give honda plusses there. Recalls are done fast and mostly right. Except the pain recalls. Honda has the crappiest paint in the entire automotive industry, and the recalls are repainting with the same low grade crap that will fail in another 5 years.

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