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Comment: They are a bit nutty.... (Score 2) 103

by Lumpy (#47719109) Attached to: How Argonne National Lab Will Make Electric Cars Cheaper

The battery pack is not the bulk of the price of an electric car. It's all the other bits.
So it is not going to drive down the price, not by any reasonable amount.

What is needed is a single company making the motors and standardization. If the Govt demanded that all cars follow a standard motor design then suddenly costs will drop. Ford,GM,Toyota,Honda are NOT going to standardize unless forced to. And prices will not drop until there is a standard that is interchangeable.

Comment: Re:NIMBYs? Crackpots? (Score 1) 452

by Lumpy (#47711121) Attached to: Solar Plant Sets Birds On Fire As They Fly Overhead

Black tanks in greenhouses are used as thermal storage to heat the greenhouse during cold days. 55 gallons of water in a black tank that the sun hits all day long, holds enough heat to keep a small greenhouse at or above 40 degrees for almost an entire winter day where it is bitter cold outside. IT will actually keep it above freezing for over 3 days.

We used to fill 55 gallon drums full of water and paint them black to hold up shelving, we had a small 10X20 greenhouse and 4 barrels of water kept the greenhouse warm for a week during a bitter cold snap. Water is an awesome heat storage medium.

Comment: Re:Drop solar heat for direct conversion (Score 1) 452

by Lumpy (#47711087) Attached to: Solar Plant Sets Birds On Fire As They Fly Overhead

"Photovoltaic has still many recent discoveries for great efficiency improvements, and more are likely to come."

Except you can not exceed the solar power that hits the surface of the planet from the sun. Sorry kids but once again that damned law of physics get's tin the way.

Solar has a Maximum you can not exceed and that is if the sky is clear on a low humidity day and not pollution in the sun belt. Everywhere else is drops off drastically. Solar is awesome for a supplemental power source or to offset consumption. On homes that are grid tied and allowed to back-feed it can do a lot to offset Air conditioning power, but on cloudy days or in winter solar is worthless so you need other sources as your main power supply.

Yes you CAN go 100% solar, but that means oversize installations. 5X the solar needed to capture and store as much power as possible for the longest historical 10 year no sunlight stretch. in some places that is 2 months, so you also need battery storage to handle 2 months plus 15% and a solar installation that can charge up that 2 month supply within a few days.

So no, Photovoltaic will not be the answer, too low of energy density even if it was at 100% efficiency.

Comment: Re:Surprise? (Score 2) 567

by Lumpy (#47702229) Attached to: Munich Reverses Course, May Ditch Linux For Microsoft

In fact... Here you go...

So it scales to your 10,000 easily and readily and has around the world, Open Office has a lot of traction outside of the USA.

Some people always complain... the answer to those people is STFU unless they have a real compelling reason as in "you can not do X in Y and we need to do X to make/save/create money"

I dont like it or this is different is not a real complaint, but just whining.

Comment: Re:Dammit! Adam you rolled over... (Score 2) 62

by Lumpy (#47702173) Attached to: Adam Carolla Settles With Podcasting Patent Troll

So you ask for more, I donated $100 to his cause and would have thrown in another $100, Also get other big hitter podcasters to spread the word. Adam is big, but not Leo Laporte and TWIT big. He could have reached out and really churned the media on this.

Honestly these patent trolls need to be met with a legal nuclear bomb. You dont end on a peace agreement, you turn their world into a nuclear wasteland.

Comment: Re:Surprise? (Score 1) 567

by Lumpy (#47701893) Attached to: Munich Reverses Course, May Ditch Linux For Microsoft

Nope I believe that the right 2-3 people got bribed. you never bribe thousands of people, you bribe the very few who are the decision makers.

"Here, if you switch back to microsoft, we will give you lifetime free OS license as well as lifetime free Office. hell we will throw in all microsoft software products for free to sweeten the pot."

* Lifetime is defined as what Microsoft deems it to be

Comment: Slashdot = Gizmodo / Gawker Media (Score 0) 238

Oh dear god, can this be more full of wild speculation?
They have been possible for well over 4 decades, mythbusters build them on a regular basis, one blew up so massively that it spread the car across the desert after it hit the ramp.

Honestly I really wish the sensationalism would go away and DICE would hire people that actually knew something about the technology.

Lastly it is a LOT easier to convince someone to blow themselves up in the name of their god than it is to build a remote control/ robotic car. This is a non-issue designed only to scare people about technology.

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