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Comment: Leverage, for one, was a masterpiece (Score 4, Interesting) 74

by Lumpio- (#46468859) Attached to: Movie and TV GUIs: Cracking the Code
A brilliant combination of real software and fake GUIs on the same screen - they obviously had a product placement deal with Microsoft, and in one scene they literally dragged a file from SkyDrive into the usual bleeping "FBI Database Lookup" window. I wish I had a .gif of that...

Comment: I wish they'd stop calling it that. (Score 4, Insightful) 71

by Lumpio- (#45417191) Attached to: Building an 'Invisibility Cloak' With Electromagnetic Fields
I think it's only justified to call something an "invisibility cloak" when it does what people actually expect an invisibility cloak to do, that is, make things actually not visible. How about calling it a "stealth cloak" because that's what I imagine most people would associate with being invisible to a radar, as opposed to the naked eye.

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