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Comment The hairdresser isn't a scientist (Score 1) 246

She's an engineer. She probably doesn't even know what "pH balance" actually means, somebody just told her that "this in hair good, that in hair bad". She's probably never even read a peer-reviewed journal. And she doesn't need to. Of course all this was at some point discovered by scientific researchers, but the research itself was "fun" in the way most kids perceive fun. It was probably hard work, and boring. Science is study, discovery and hard work. Engineering is applying the results of that study.

Comment Very much unfinished (Score 5, Informative) 107

Did anybody notice that it doesn't, for example, do client mode at all yet? Or it does, but it doesn't implement cert validation at all which makes it useless as a client at the moment and therefore client mode is disabled. That along with delegating all the actual crypto to other libraries means the entire thing doesn't actually *do* much. No wonder it's only 6kLOC.

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