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Submission + - Browser Makers to Sever RC4 Support in Early 2016->

msm1267 writes: Google, Microsoft and Mozilla today announced they’ve settled on an early 2016 timeframe to permanently deprecate the shaky RC4 encryption algorithm in their respective browsers.

Mozilla said Firefox's shut-off date will coincide with the release of Firefox 44 on Jan. 26. Google and Microsoft said that Chrome and Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge respectively will also do so in the January-February timeframe.

Practical attacks against RC4 are growing increasingly practical, rendering the algorithm more untrustworthy by the day.

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Comment Re:For starters... (Score 1) 803

In no particular order... I don't think one needs to experience something to opine accurately on it. I can generally assume that getting shot sucks. So, thank you for your thoughts - I appreciate them. It's always good to get someone else's perspective.

I've pondered writing something of value but I can't get much further than the title. I do have an idea of consolidating a bunch of my online posts to tell a story. I'm not entirely sure what the value would be. It does seem like an interesting project though I'd probably just give it away as an ebook.

No, but I tell the insurance company that I just might get hammered and wrap my BMW around a tree. (Yes, I know the porcupine joke. But I did just recently allow myself to splurge on my first "bespoke" vehicle and it was a 640Li. I hope you understand.) I am not sure how they would take it and I'm not sure how I would express it - should I actually opt to go through with something like that.

What a strange conversation to be having on the internet... Ah well... There are surely pictures of my penis online somewhere, this is hardly more revealing.

I really don't know where to even begin to bring up a subject like that. I think the 'sugar daddy' is apt when not using it as a pejorative. It's an amicable situation. I'd almost be willing to just move one of them in and give them a set allowance but that really skirts on prostitution in my eyes and, to be honest, I do desire something more meaningful than that. I mean, yeah, I may be a bit shallow by some folks standards but I prefer to think of myself as a realist and not entirely a prick.

I think it may be time to hit the road again for a while. I've a decent RV that I take out for months at a time when I get wanderlust. I've been known to just do it in a car as well. Sometimes I think I can meet just the right girl and whisk her away to a new life but picking up teenage runaway girls is probably against the law. Wireless is ubiquitous now and I'm always just using RDP/VNC to go through a home computer anyhow. I can live in an RV pretty comfortably actually but I hate driving it in a city so I usually tow a car on a dolly behind it - for every dinosaur you don't burn, I will burn two.

*shrugs* I can see where the guy would get depressed. He'll get over it. Drugs and alcohol don't help - not even if you're extracting Fentanyl (80 times more potent than heroin) and ingesting it via IV. I do keep my occasional weed usage but that's really not a method of coping, that's just to enjoy some introspection or whatnot. Boredom is important to avoid. It's easy to be bored. I'm a car lover to the point where I have a mechanic that comes in and works on my cars every Saturday - I've taken to helping him out and doing a bit more of the work myself as I keep him busy.

Maybe he should find something and start coding again. I'd write something useful if, say, I could think of something that we actually needed that I was interested in. Ah well... It is nice to be able to invest in others and to see where that goes but I'm not one to be a controlling interest so there's little to do but watch. I do see a therapist just to have someone tell me if I'm being an idiot. So far so good. They tell me that I'm a full research paper's worth of material. Yay?

Anyhow, yeah... I'm not averse to advice or criticism. I'll take any more insights you've got and are willing to throw out there. ;-) I can't guarantee I'll listen or anything but I will read and apply logic and my own personal concerns. I just can't seem to think of a way to find "Miss Right" without being dishonest. I'm kind of liking the rambling around the country at random though I should broaden my horizons a bit but I really don't think I want to drive around the entire planet.

Comment Re:Move to Canada (Score 1) 135

I always figure that if I get fined I'll preemptively pay for the next offense and then use their cashing of the check to be an agreement that I can pirate at will until they catch me again and, at that point, I've already paid for it. I can almost guarantee that they'll cash that check... Try as I might, nobody has sent me even a single letter.

Comment Re:Another technology to be avoided (Score 1) 129

I thought you were bullshitting or a spammer. *sighs* I kind of wish I still thought that but I clicked your link. Maybe we need to lock up anyone that uses Energizer batteries. There is one in the picture... I'm going to want a more compelling reason to believe that a wearer is a terrorist.

Comment Re:Erdogen is an Islamofascist (Score 1) 129

Wasn't it the Turks who did the whole Armenian Genocide thing or am I misremembering? I do not follow Turkish politics, obviously. Yet I don't recall them being significant in any way since the Ottoman empire which even predates me. I seem to recall that WWI finished off the Ottomaninians (I just made that word up and am declaring it official.) I just read above that they were (somehow) a member of NATO and I know they've been attempting to get membership to the EU as of late. I think the Greeks generally hate them.

I don't follow their politics, at all. What, exactly, has Turkey done right? Why are they not sanctioned all the way to Freedom? I'm pretty sure anytime I see them the news is about them being an oppressive regime. I know that good stuff doesn't make the news but, really, I'm almost 60 and I can't really remember anything positive from them that lasted.

Comment Re:having lived in Turkey (Score 1) 129

Wait... Turkey is a member of NATO? I should keep track of these things. Why, oh why, is Turkey a member of NATO? The whole first two letters of that acronym kind of exclude them from the Cool Kids Club. I knew that the EU was considering adding them but I thought that Europe ended at Greece and "that land over there" was where the continent of Asia was considered to begin?

Maybe I need to go back to school and take more geography classes. I really do suck at it but, well, Turkey really isn't near the North Atlantic - not even close - unless I've completely forgotten how to globe. I am also pretty sure they're not a part of Europe? Perhaps they're like the overweight kid that insists on everyone else being inclusive even though you can't bike up the trail all the way because you have to stop and help Billy get up the hills or wait for him at the top.

Comment Re:This is the future... (Score 1) 129

>implying that Republicans are going to know technology or use critical thinking skills

>implying that Democrats are likely to do so (my own text) instead of the Republicans

Maybe we need to start a public campaign to explain what the importance of this is. I don't think it is a party issue. My Republican and my Democrat associates all seem inclined to believe in the need to have the freedom to encrypt our documents. I don't tend to hang around with extremists and idiots so your mileage may vary. I think most of them, with a few notable exceptions that I will not get into here, are all pretty reasonable (speaking about my associates only) and would be more accurately described as centrists who may actually vote across party lines as needed but I've never asked them how they voted unless they've volunteered the information due to a conversation we were having.

Comment Re:No government role? (Score 1) 129

I admit that a part of me wants to say, "Well, it's Vice and nothing of value was lost." I almost agree with that. Almost... I just can't bring myself to because of that whole freedom of the press thing which they don't seem to have but I feel should be a freedom for everyone.

On one hand, it's Vice... They are almost certainly there to stir up trouble or to spin something to manufacture outrage or for ego...

On the other hand, you know, freedom. I don't really like them (sometimes they're amusing for the wrong reasons) but, yeah, they should have that same freedom too and so should everyone.

So, I guess, I don't really like Vice much but I do admire their courage. Hopefully this gets better soon - before getting much worse. I really much prefer the freedom of the press more than my dislike for Vice and my dislike for them should have nothing to do with it. I do support the idea behind sovereignty but there really should be some basic freedoms that everyone is entitled to.

And no, I'm not sure what the solution it is but I'm pretty sure it's not the United States bombing them all the way to Freedom and Harmony. (Both towns in the State of Maine, by the way. Oddly, both have marijuana celebration festivals but that's an aside and yes - I think I've been to way too many of them.)

Sorry for the inarticulate rant but, well, even Vice deserves freedom. Encryption should be a right and I could easily make a decent argument about it being necessary to ensure the First Amendment - in my country. My country's laws do not, of course, apply to Turkeys. Err... Turkish...

Wait... They have raw opium in Turkey, right? Hmm... Oh yeah, about that incoherent rant thing... Whilst I did not go to a festival I may have done some celebration of my own.

Comment Re:No government role? (Score 2) 129

In Western law that's the reason there's a jury - to ensure independence and oversight (theoretically). That is why there is prosecution as a State representative. A judge is meant to be both impartial and, somehow, understanding at the same time - understanding does not mean lenient. It is a separate branch of the government for a reason and one has a right to a trial by their peers for that reason. The term independent judiciary is a bit of a misnomer but calling it a quasi-independent judiciary is a bit wordy.

Comment I am so sorry... (Score 1) 2

I had to vote this up. I did it because I probably don't like you and, on the off chance that I do, you will understand and agree with my motivations. This, of all the stories, is one that NEEDS to see the front page. Oh yes. Yes it does. I'll burn through all of my comments and all of the AC comments I can make - and it will amuse at least one /. member.

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