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User Journal

Luke727's Journal: Dead Space 2

Journal by Luke727

As I've gotten deeper into this game (on level 10 out of 12), the one thing that has struck me more and more is the intense feeling of isolation (especially when you consider the enormousness of the spaceship). Since the first level of the game, I have had almost zero direct human contact. My two crew members (one of whom is now dead) have been in somewhat regular radio contact, giving instructions on what to do next. I've met up with one of them on two or three occasions; the other has set up shop in the control room. I have come close to two other humans; one is a doctor who is a bad guy and the other is my wife. The doctor was on the other side of a window, and my wife was on the other side of a gap in a room. The only other human contact I've had is audio logs. I have come across a few dying people, but they didn't talk to me or anything. Meanwhile I've been killing the shit out of seemingly thousands of aliens. They try to get you to jump by using all the cheap tricks in the book (the only one they haven't done yet is the old reflection in the mirror). Sometimes it works, but the real stress comes from the isolation. Because you so rarely come into contact with anybody, you are so focused on your tasks that it is emotionally jarring when these creatures pop out of nowhere. It is actually somewhat mentally exhausting to play the game for any extended period of time.

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Dead Space

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