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Comment Re:To be expected (Score 1) 244

So you just drew a comparison between a device that costs above 600EUR to a free piece of software that was semi-automatically pushed on the current massive user base of windows 7/8?

How much alcohol did you have to ingest for that analogy to make any kind of sense?

Comment Star Swarm style marketing continues (Score 4, Interesting) 96

Those who haven't clued in yet: this is the same engine that was used for "unreleased game turned DX 12 synthetic benchmark" star swarm. All same caveats apply:
1. Unknown engine not available to public with unknown performance. We have no idea how DX11 implementation is made, or why DX12 is so much faster than anywhere else seen so far.
2. Is in pre-alpha, meaning performance is all over the place and a complete black box, it could render faster in DX11 in next build for all we know.

We've been there with mantle already. Specialized tech demos showing massive performance boost from using mantle over DX11. Then release, frostbite et al start supporting it and we see minimal to no performance boost outside really low end CPUs bundled with really high end GPUs.

Show me this kinds of numbers on a known engine that has a polished DX11 implementation like unreal 4 engine, and I'll actually believe you. Until then, all I see is more marketing BS.

Comment Re:I dern't believe it! (Score 1) 732

It's not actually. If you run fast, your exhaust plume and displaced air generates significant radar signature that can be tracked and targeted. Not to mention air friction on airframe itself making it easily visible by IR seekers.

F-22 is only about as fast as most heavy fighters in modern world. It's main advantage instead is fuel efficiency at reasonable supersonic speed due to its ability to cruise at supersonic speed without afterburners. Which is in part result of work done to reduce atmospheric friction to keep aircraft less visible to IR seekers.

Comment Re:Can the enemy actually shoot down the F35? (Score 1) 732

To be fair, F-117 is also a design from the same period as that radar. It just wasn't revealed to have been in existence until much later.

But it does indeed seem that better aircraft nowadays are non-stealth. Think Rafale for example. It achieves same "radar guided missile lock immunity" through built in electronic warfare system specifically designed for that. Rafales were the only non-stealth aircraft over Libya that didn't have dedicated electronic warfare support aircraft with them on every mission.

Comment Re:Can the enemy actually shoot down the F35? (Score 1) 732

Not at all. Flat top carriers are needed for remote force projection. Neither France nor UK have any need for this beyond what their current fleets provide. Both nations address their interests through numerous former colonies with friendly ties and ground-based aircraft.

US needs the fleet it has because it's the only worldwide hegemon remaining on the planet. To remain one, it need to be able to constantly project remote force regardless of hostility of the region.

No other nation has such need. Regional hegemons (France, UK, Russia, China) only need to be able to project force from their borders and bases in relevant regions.

Comment Re: Can the enemy actually shoot down the F35? (Score 1) 732

It's "not normally used" because it cannot be used. To achieve what was done in the video, aircraft must be effectively empty of fuel other than what will be burned in the "go up, go down" process and have no armaments whatsoever.

To have any kinds of fuel and weapon payload, aircraft has to be used in STOVL mode.

Comment Re:Wow Finland! (Score 1) 330

Strange list, with really strange criteria. Typically things like which portions of citizenry is foreign born, or how many non-citizens, or which native language people use is used as a criteria.

I suppose it shows that you can arbitrarily pick criteria to make your list look like whatever the heck you want it to look.

Comment Re:Where are the Europhiles now? (Score 1) 330


Also taxis are considered a part of public infrastructure, and are often given tasks like ferrying small children to schools. You occasionally get a huge scandal when someone gets through the safety nets and gets reported/caught for being not fully sober when driving kids to school.

Uber's model is not going to work. First people to get on barricades are going to be mothers afraid for their children.At which point "uber is freedom" folks are going to either shut up or get mass destroyed on all public forums. If there's one group you never want to mess with, it's mothers worried about their children's safety.

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