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Comment Re:This ruling won't fix anything (Score 1) 203

Not only that, but original prosecutor laughed the woman out of his office as her story obviously didn't meet even Swedish standards. Then "suddenly" prosecutor was changed in a couple of weeks and current situation started.

Could be that it had nothing to do with it. Or it could be that what diplomatic cables stated about Sweden and its leading politicians were dead on.

Comment Re:This ruling won't fix anything (Score 1) 203

Swedes tried this. They really did.

In about two decades, they went from Palme to Bildt. US has extreme amount of ability to unseat politicians they do not like and replace them with those they do when they need it. Results were very visible in everything ranging from Sweden's eroded political neutrality to things like incarceration of people US didn't like (i.e. Pirate Bay case, "inappropriate sexual conduct" charges against Assange). From most vocally neutral to most Finlandized country in Europe in just a couple of decades.

Believe me when I say this, you do not want the evil juggernaut that is US security and intelligence apparatus turning on politicians in your country. They will not last long.

Comment Re:They will be a muslem country in a few years. (Score 3, Funny) 203

As a point of reference, if you think that "most of US media is on the left", you are so far on the right end of the spectrum from European point of view that expression and practice of many of your ideas has been outlawed in much of Europe after our last bout with national socialism.

Comment Re: Without government... (Score 1) 471

Not really. As big as VW is, it's nowhere near big enough to cause more than a small dent in European economy.

Remember this is the region which had the power to actually do something that even US didn't dare to do - actually fine microsoft for illegal monopolistic actions after finding them guilty.

That said, it's fairly obvious that this is not going to "bankrupt" VW even at it worse. Get a grip. The company is huge and will be able to absorb the costs. The problems are the long term damage to VW brand, long term damage to "made in Germany" brand (big subject of debate right now in Germany) and generally having to take a harder look at how multinationals like VW operate in EU.

Comment Re: Without government... (Score 3, Interesting) 471

Problem with VW, is that it doesn't play by European rules either. No shiny knight BS here. It's going to get nailed for its shenanigans in Europe just as much as it will in US.

Here in Finland, customer protection laws are so strong that they may require VW to actually buy relevant cars back from customers if they cannot provide appropriate compensation.

"One Architecture, One OS" also translates as "One Egg, One Basket".