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Comment Re:And not a thing will be done about it (Score 1) 216

I am currently watching my mother die of a completely uncurable disease for which some of stem cell treatments have shown promise in controlled, properly conducted scientific studies. Of course it's not your family member dying, so naturally you don't give a shit, but thanks for forcing your preference onto others, potentially killing some.

Comment Re:And not a thing will be done about it (Score 1) 216

If you're dying from an uncurable disease anyway, and the only hope is a new stem cell treatment with unknown risks and side effects, why shouldn't you be allowed the choice to at least try a treatment that *might* extend your life (knowing the risks), as opposed to the alternative of *definitely* dying? And it's nonsense to ban it on the basis that some clinics might promote it with 'disregard' for safety .. firstly because patients are grown-ups, not children - adults are capable of knowing and understanding that there are risks with new treatments (really, do you really think ALL adults are such braindead children mentally that they'll honestly believe it's a "magic cure"? Don't be fucking stupid.) .. and secondly, because many physicians are actually responsible.

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