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Comment We have failed (Score 1) 186

What the hell is about? Seriously? Slashdot, have you have completely succumb to the stupidity of the general population? I've been a loyal reader of Slashdot for quite some time now, but I'm getting sick of the cyber hacker 2.0 source crowd linked advanced persistent open source bitcoin controversial privacy landscape threat awareness law. You guys dropped your balls a thousands exits ago got played by the man.

Comment Look at Patent Requirements (Score 1) 233

I'm no lawyer, but looking at http://www.bitlaw.com/patent/requirements.html, if you publicly disclose the details of your inventions, the novelty requirement for a patent should be impossible to meet for anyone trying to patent your invention.

I guess the issue might be, what is sufficient to constitute "known to the public". Is this a blog? A website you set up to describe your inventions? I'm not sure.

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