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Comment Give Linux some time. (Score 2) 346

I work for one of the major ATM vendors in the world and replacing Windows with Linux has become one of the top priorities across the whole portfolio (which is now a lot of other things than just ATMs). The reason are obviously the costs associated with Windows licenses. And why are the ATMs and other hardware still running Windows? Old and *very* messy codebase that is hard to port to Linux. But it's getting there.

Comment Local LAN games (Score 1) 263

The biggest problem I have with Steam are LAN parties. Or the lack of such possibility with a single account (=single copy of a game). Some games can be played via LAN in offline mode, but it's not guaranteed to work. And even if you convince all your friends to create a Steam account and buy the game, you'll spend the evening downloading N copies of the game once they come to your place. Fail.

Submission + - GNUstep Kickstarter Campaign Launched (

borgheron writes: The maintainer of GNUstep has launched a kickstarter campaign to get the time to make GNUstep more complete and get it's APIs up to at least a Mac OS 10.6 level of compatibility. This will allow applications for Mac OS X to run on Linux with a simple recompile using new tools developed by the GNUstep team to directly build from xcodeproj project files. If the kickstarter project is funded beyond it's $50,000 goal, it's possible that WebKit and Darling might also be completed allowing applications built on Mac OS X to run without the need for a recompile... think WINE-like functionality for Mac OS X applications on other platforms... including Windows, Linux, BSD, etc.

Submission + - Developer codes Direct3D 9 support for Linux via Gallium3D (

hypnosec writes: A developer associated with the Nouveau graphics driver project has announced support for Direct3D APIs via the new Gallium3D state tracker using which games can be run on Linux and that too with better performance as compared to that offered by Wine. Direct3D 10/11 was implemented for Linux via the Gallium3D state tracker a couple of years back but, there hasn’t been much of a developer interest in such a state tracker. The state tracker project was shortlived as developers associated with Wine were not interested in adding support for a solution that is Linux-only and that too limited to those using Gallium3D. Ultimately, the tracker was removed from Mesa. Christoph Bumiller announced the new Direct3D tracker on Tuesday and believes that the situation is different from the Direct3D 10/11 as Gallium3D is better suited towards D3D9 as compared to newer versions of Microsoft’s graphics API. Further there is more application coverage for Direct3D 9 while being in a state whereby it can actually run games and applications.

Comment Re:It's GIT for OSS, SVN for Enterprise. (Score 0, Flamebait) 378

-SVN allows different people to work on different directories individually, GIT doesn't.

The idea of Git eludes you. You don't structure Git projects in a giant directory tree.

-SVN has fine grained permissions, access and authentication controls, very useful when parts of your project (ie, APIs) are under NDA or you don't want them to leak.

Have you ever heard about Gitolite?

Comment Re:Oh noes! (Score 3, Insightful) 183

Jokes aside, the linking is what worries me the most. Do you really think that the freedom of speech should be limited to such extent, that you're not even allowed to tell someone "there are people selling drugs in the XYZ street"? Because that's what linking is all about. Telling people where they can find stuff.

Let's organize this thing and take all the fun out of it.