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Comment: Re:For a day? (Score 1) 460

by LuNa7ic (#32795338) Attached to: Local Newspapers Use F/OSS For a Day
There's a lot Gimp has over Photoshop too. I spent 2-3 years using the Gimp, before switching to Photoshop for 2 years of graphic design courses. I don't use the Gimp anymore - Photoshop is more refined, and has a much simpler interface, and its treatment of multiple colourspaces is unmatched. I still miss several Gimp features though - being able to crop a layer to the visible area with a single click, having fine control over rendering tools like spirogimp and the fractal tool and the gradient tool. Sure, Photoshop has a gradient tool, but it's not a patch on the Gimps one.*

*These views are based on versions 2.2 - 2.4 of the Gimp and CS2 - CS4 of Photoshop

Comment: Re:kettle, meet pot (Score 2, Insightful) 507

by LuNa7ic (#32753486) Attached to: Fark Creator Slams 'the Wisdom of Crowds'
This would be fine, except for one thing. The idiots are sheep. They don't vote randomly, they follow the the leader. Sure they leader may be an intelligent/benevolent* influence, but even so, this doesn't change the fact the the crowd are still stupid.

*In my experience this is rairly the case. Rather, the crowd tend to follow the the loudest bigot who affirms their prejudices.

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