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Comment: Re:Help us Google Fiber! You're our only hope. (Score 1) 568

by Lost_In_Specs (#45219025) Attached to: Top US Lobbyist Wants Broadband Data Caps
I just received a nice letter from TWC with "Great News. You're getting another special rate." printed on the outside. In it I was told that my promotional rate of $53.98 was expiring, and since they are such great guys, they aren't going to raise it to $78.98, instead it would be only $61.98 (in other words, we could be ass-raping you, but we decided to only force you to give us a blow-job). All that for service with lag spikes every 20-30 minutes and random drops twice a day and only 12 Mbps out of the 25 I am signed for. A coworker whose son works for TWC tells me the price-hike is all the fault of the networks demanding more money from TWC. How is that my problem? When I went over to internet only, they sent a guy around to put a filter on my line to prevent me from getting even basic cable. I can't even get a local station through them. They sent this letter the week that the Google Fiber guys put their Fiber Jack in my apartment. Nothing is turned on yet, but I can't wait. Please Google - come take my data/money.

Comment: Re:It could have been worse (Score 1) 164

by Lost_In_Specs (#25378111) Attached to: Banjo Used In Brain Surgery
I was given a prescription of amitriptyline to help reduce my migraines a few years ago. After taking it for a week, I found that I'd lost all interest in music. I stopped taking it because it really messed me up in other ways such as sleeping 12+ hours a day, but by the time I dropped it music was just a horrible cacophany to me. Glad to say that went away after I stopped taking it, but strangely, banjo still sucks to me.

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