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Comment: Disproportional view of a country (Score 2) 356

To be fair, this kind of publicity creates hugely disproportional view of a country.
I see this all the time on local news sites in Israel. Since 2012, rape case from India get a front page mention -- and absolutely no other kind of news from India! For the past 2 years the average reader, who has no business in India and knows nothing about it, is learning a single fact about a place that holds ~16% of all people -- women are getting raped there.
Will this documentary help in the long run? who can tell (not me).

Comment: Speaking as an Israeli atheist... (Score 1) 431

by LostMonk (#46418601) Attached to: Jewish School Removes Evolution Questions From Exams
There is no creationism in government public schools in Israel (hasidic schools are a different matter). Biblical stories are taught in bible studies and nowhere else.
However... In 18 years of basic and high school (in my day at school ... 20+ years ago) I did not hear a whisper of evolutionary biology as well. All I know about it is self taught.

Comment: This is why TV news is toxic (Score 2) 166

by LostMonk (#46274241) Attached to: Why Improbable Things Really Aren't
At any given time there are floods, fires, murders and any possible crime happening somewhere in the world. People, however are designed to react to what's happening in their community -- in their immediate environment.
Having every horror happening, nationwide, shoved down your throat 24X7 is equivalent to poisoning yourself.

Comment: Re:Does it matter (Score 2) 207

Don't let the fact that the ever blood-hungry, ambulance-chasing media moved on to newer stories fool you.
Snowden himself might be forgotten (if he's lucky) but until now there weren't visible economical effects of the state/world-wide blanket surveillance, such things need time to take in and respond to. When decision makers start to come up with real solutions (not just hot air in front of the cameras) and when non-American companies will come up with viable alternative services, the big-data USA-based companies are going to loose a lot of business.
When that happens there will be changes.

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