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Comment: Scratch + Makeblock (Score 1) 315

by Lordy2001 (#49445691) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Introduce a 7-Year-Old To Programming?
So I have an almost 7yo at home. My brothers and I are all programmers to one degree or another. I have introduced him to programming in two steps:

1. Robot Turtles
Best board game for programing ever. Not only does it not require batteries, but it provides great quality time and encourages them to think logically and linearly.

2. Scratch + Makeblock
Once he learned to read he was able to pick up scratch incredibly easily and understand it. To make it more fun I picked up a Makeblock starter robot which had a bluetooth connection and allows him to program his robot to chase his little sister around the house.

Honorable Mention:
Lego Mindstorms EV3
He also has a Lego EV3 mindstorms kit. The Lego / labview environment is still a bit overcomplicated for him to use I'm thinking he will be more ready for it in a year or two.

Best of luck

+ - Community-sourced news site,, goes live 18

Submitted by umafuckit
umafuckit writes: is the new way of taking the pulse of the nerd community. Soylentnews is a grassroots-based platform with the content feeds are powered by readers like you. The objective is to highlight news stories of general importance to everyone, but especially nerds. News about technology, art, science and politics: it's all there. Soylentnews is the new kid on the block and will adapt quickly to satisfy our community's needs and and push boundaries like never before. This is a real community site: no changes in format without a general consensus from the community. Stop by and see what you think of the freshly-launched site.

Comment: Re:Body is a beautiful machine (Score 0) 223

by Lordy2001 (#44541843) Attached to: Twinkies: The Breakfast of Champion Programmers Still Hard To Get
It is a true argument however mostly incomplete and causes a large amount of misunderstanding. However it still holds that the body can be hacked like any other beautiful machine it simply takes study, will power and discipline. There is a big misconception is that a calorie is a calorie as the body consumes different types of foods differently and this can be used to hack the metabolism. Granted everyone has their challenges and sometimes you are fighting genetics and decades of abuse.

There have been several geeks that have published items on loosing large amounts of weight.
Tim Ferris: after you get past all the trendy and uptalked bulshit he actually has some pretty good points on hacking the body / metabolism
From the geek who wrote autocad and got tired of being fat:

See now you made me actually log in and make a post. (This is from a guy who finally tipped the scales at 300lbs and was tired of being fat one year took me down to 230lbs and it wasn't all bad it sucked at some times and took a shitload of will power at others but hey its worth it)

Comment: Just got back from China (Score 1) 149

by Lordy2001 (#37600696) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Advice For Using a Cell Phone In China?
I just got back from a business trip to China. I carry my personal android CDMA phone in airplane mode while there and connect it to wifi hotspots in the hotel and such to check mail and what have you. I then carry an unlocked blackberry perl I bummed off of a friend in the US. The nice thing is that the phone is all in english. As soon as I checked into my hotel, I handed the concierge 100RMB and asked him to get me a sim card for the town I would be in. My traveling guide then helped me activate the sim card in the phone.

Some things to remember:
- Make sure the GSM phone operates on China frequencies (GSM in china is different than GSM frequencies in US)
- Calling plans in China are typically free inward calls so set up your friends on google voice / skype so they can call you
- The sim card I got was local only so it only worked in the town I was in, I do not know about plans that take you elsewhere
- When you activate you will get instructions to a Chinese voip tunnel which you can use to call US for cheap. This is a much cheaper way than dialing international from your new SIM.

Also to note in my research China Telcom which operates the national CDMA network requires a local address to sign up so I did not try to get my CDMA phone registered there so if trying this route good luck.

- best of luck and good travels

Also good to know all the bartenders know american for BEER but unfortunately you should probly learn the mandrin for toilet :)