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6 Languages You Wish the Boss Let You Use 264

Posted by timothy
from the esperanto-and-atlantean-are-compact-and-efficient dept.
Esther Schindler writes "Several weeks ago, Lynn Greiner's article on the state of the scripting universe was slashdotted. Several people raised their eyebrows at the (to them) obvious omissions, since the article only covered PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, Tcl and JavaScript. As I wrote at the time, Lynn chose those languages because hers was a follow-up to an article from three years back. However, it was a fair point. While CIO has covered several in depth, those five dynamic languages are not the only ones developers use. In 6 Scripting Languages Your Developers Wish You'd Let Them Use, CIO looks at several (including Groovy, Scala, Lua, F#, Clojure and Boo) which deserve more attention for business software development, even if your shop is dedicated to Java or .NET. Each language gets a formal definition and then a quote or two from a developer who explains why it inspires passion."

Comment: Re:Job Loyalty? How about orker loyalty? (Score 1) 447

by LordoftheLemmings (#22813130) Attached to: Gen Y Workers Reinventing IT for the Better
36 hours over two days? Honestly I'm not impressed, you want to talk about long hours join the military. Every stood a radar watch for 18 hours straight with no break, in a pitch black control room? Yeah and then get four hours down and do it again! If you hate your hours/pay/job at least you can quit at anytime. I got a year and a half left till I can even choose to quit.

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