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by Lord_Jeremy (#47256461) Attached to: Cable Boxes Are the 2nd Biggest Energy Users In Many Homes
My DVR had an eSATA port on the back to hook up an external drive for additional video storage. So I bought a regular old external drive and connected it. To my horror, the external drive's activity light was going 24/7. Apparently, even when my TV is off my DVR was in full activity mode, recording the live TV channel to disk in case I suddenly turned on the TV and wanted to rewind two hours. It would continue doing this even after the damn thing was supposedly in "Standby" and I had to press the Menu button to wake it up.

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by Lord_Jeremy (#46820557) Attached to: Apple Fixes Major SSL Bug In OS X, iOS
No, you don't have a 2008 Mac Mini. There is no such thing as a 2008-year-model Mac Mini (source). The Mid 2007 model runs 10.7. The Early 2009 model runs 10.9. The 2007 can't run anything beyond than 10.7 natively because 10.8 and newer require a 64-bit EFI firmware. This is due to the newer version always booting the kernel in 64-bit mode. Some older Macs that had 64-bit CPUs, such as your Mini and a couple gens of Mac Pros still had 32-bit EFIs. You *could* run Mountain Lion or Mavericks by using a 3rd-party boot loader (such as Chameleon) that translates the 64-bit EFI calls to 32-bit. I'm actually doing that myself on an older Mac Pro. Of course then you'll discover that the video drivers for you Mini are only compiled for 32-bit in older systems and are totally absent from newer OS X versions. At a certain point, Apple (very reasonably) decided that maintaining two architectures of OS X and all included software, as well as implicitly requiring other developers to do the same was not worth support Macs beyond six years old.

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Funny, my desktop PC runs games at 2560x1600 = 4096000 pixels. Effectively double again the 1080p pixel count. The performance hit is obvious going to that rez, but considering this hardware cost about $700 three years ago... Admittedly I haven't tried Titanfall yet, it just doesn't look that interesting to me. I can tell you that Battlefield 4 runs at High settings and looks absolutely beautiful at high resolution.

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Please, there's way more to say today.

The "fuck beta" obsession is actually making reading slashdot far more unpleasant for me than the Beta layout. A lot of people here are saying that the site leadership is totally ignoring the opinions of the community. Did any of you actually use the beta and the mobile site back in October when they initially solicited feedback? They were practically unusable, and Beta has definitely become much more pleasant to use by this point. That means that someone is listening and taking feedback into account.

Note that "fuck beta" is entirely useless feedback. The layout is going to change, there's no preventing it. Slashdot has invested a great deal of developer man-hours (aka: money) into updating the site. So lets provide useful feedback and constructive criticism. I for one am much happier with the performance of Slashdot on mobile platforms. The layout is actually responsive now, and it's much easier to browse through stories on a 3.5" screen. There are still some styles issues, notably the story titles typeface is awkward and the comments sections get unreadably squashed at times. As a matter of personal taste I dislike seeing so much empty off-white space everywhere, but a lot of UI design in general has gone in that direction for some reason.

The bottom line is this: A goddamn visual redesign of the site does not constitute an effort to kill the community. A lot of the anti-Beta noise is borderline paranoid about that. The submission system isn't changing. The commenting and moderation system isn't changing. The mechanics of being part of the slashdot community isn't changing. Hell there's pretty much exactly the same ad space on the new site as the old one. Let's all try to be reasonable and constructive. Less of the "fuck beta" more of the "I want it to do X instead"

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I had exactly the same experience at what I suspect was the same retail chain. On the other hand, I myself have developed mobile point of sale apps for my employer. On the rare occasion that the server backend for the standard PoS system has gone down, salespeople have been able to continue to check people out using just the handheld devices. It can definitely be done right, but it doesn't surprise me at all that there are many examples of how wrong it can be done.

US Senators: NSA Lies In Fact Sheets 295

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Bruce66423 writes "The Guardian reports that two U.S. senators have written to the NSA telling it to amend its 702 provisions fact sheet (PDF) which, they claim, contains inaccuracies. However they can't actually say HOW they are inaccurate, because they would be compromising classified information. So the U.S. government uses taxpayer money to lie to the people... there's a surprise!" From the letter: "In our judgment, this inaccuracy is significant, as it portrays protections for Americans' privacy as being significantly stronger than they actually are." But they go on to say "We appreciate your attention to this matter. We believe that the U.S. government should have broad authorities to investigate terrorism and espionage, and that it is possible to aggressively pursue terrorists without compromising the constitutional rights of ordinary Americans. Achieving this goal depends not just on secret courts and secret congressional hearings, but on informed public debate as well."

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Really? How many times have you used a cell phone and been unable to make a call? I mean not just a dropped call that you redialed and it worked but completely unable to make or receive calls in an area of normal coverage under non-emergency conditions? I have not had that experience for at least 15 years now.

Are you serious? This past week I was completely unable to make or receive calls in an area of normal coverage. I live on the south shore of Long Island, NY.

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AFAIK, no HDMI interface is even announced let alone available
'An Apple spokesperson told The Verge that Lightning to HDMI and Lightning to VGA cables "will be available in the coming months."'

My understanding is that the 30 pin adapter they are selling provides analog audio but not iPod control
'Apple has confirmed to Macworld that these adapters support analog and USB audio-out, as well as syncing and charging. However, the adapters don’t support video-out or iPod mode, the latter a special mode that lets particular accessories, such as car stereos and some whole-home-audio systems, display your iPod’s menus on the accessory’s own screen.'
And as a commenter in this article points out, the iPod will still play audio over these systems since that's handled by the analog interface.

some of this is a desire to manage DRM

What DRM? None of the music on my iPhone has any DRM on it! The "FairPlay" DRM was removed from iTunes store music in early 2009.


+ - Google Says It Won't 'Manually' Review YouTube Vids for Infringement-> 1

Submitted by thomst
thomst (1640045) writes "David Kravets of Wired's Threat Level blog reports that Google has clarified its change in policy on automatic takedowns of YouTube videos for copyright infringement. On Wednesday, Thabet Alfishawi, rights management product manager for YouTube, said in a blog post that Google had "improved the algorithms that identify potentially invalid claims. We stop these claims from automatically affecting user videos and place them in a queue to be manually reviewed.” In its clarification, Google now says that videos flagged by its Content ID algorithm will be placed in a queue for "content owners" to review, if they decide to do so. In other words, the "manual review" is entirely optional, and the review, if any, will be done by the "content owner", rather than by Google itself — all of which begs the classic question, "Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?""
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