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Comment: The README (Score 1) 1

by Lord_Jeremy (#49091119) Attached to: systemd - A descendent of Apple's LaunchD
Check out the manpages for launchd, launchd.plist and launchctl. There's your README, it's pretty extensive. Also, OS X in general has a hierarchy of configuration and system data.

/System/Library is the root of the hierarchy, intended for system-wide configurations that are part of the original installation. /Library is also system-wide but is intended for components that are added or updated by the user. ~/Library is the user-specific location. Each of these config locations has a LaunchAgents and a LaunchDaemons classification. LaunchAgents are considered a deprecated technology but their usage is still available. The difference between the two is that daemons are intended to run solely in the background without user interaction and can be active without the user being logged in. Agents only run while the user is logged in and are permitted the ability to present a UI to the user when necessary. It's really not that complex.

Comment: Re: H1-B debate? (Score 3, Informative) 398

by Lord_Jeremy (#48548563) Attached to: Displaced IT Workers Being Silenced
I recently became friends with an Iranian woman and her family that are trying very hard to emigrate to the United States. She is currently in the process of trying to get hired and sponsored by one of these job shops because she has practically no other choice for employment here. Everyone in her family is very intelligent and hard working and my friend herself has masters degrees in computer science and business administration. She's an atheist, however, and she can't go back to Iran without a risk of being "outed" and imprisoned or executed.

Previously when I thought of "H1-B" I thought of exactly what you described. Young people with nothing to lose dorming up and working for peanuts because it's the easy way out, driving down wages in what should be a very competitive highly skilled job sector. I'm glad I met someone who showed me the other side of the coin. I consider myself a liberal and a humanist and I'm ashamed at myself for having held such a xenophobic view and expressing frustration with the people who are coming here seeking H1-B and similar visa work. Truly the only entities that deserve any derision for the wage depression and unfair labor practices are the sponsoring companies who pay such paltry wages and the tech companies that create demand for cheap foreign labor.

Comment: Re:Everyone is waiting for California (Score 1) 320

by Lord_Jeremy (#48247405) Attached to: What Will It Take To Make Automated Vehicles Legal In the US?
If the Google cars are level 3, then why do every single video I ever see of them being driven show the person in the driver's seat sitting alert with their hands less than an inch away from the steering wheel? It definitely appears that they're not expecting a comfortable transition time. From some of the other stories I've read here regarding these Google cars, it can happen rather suddenly that the driver takes over because they realize the navigation computer doesn't recognize some road obstacle or driving hazard. They even have a guy in the passenger seat with his eyes glued to a laptop, watching a real-time visualization of what the cars "eyes" see.

Comment: Re:Amateur hour (Score 4, Informative) 64

by Lord_Jeremy (#48218953) Attached to: Tracking a Bitcoin Thief
Note that basically the only hacking technique he used was running a couple websites with malicious code that stole user's email and passwords. Then trying those credentials at lots of other sites looking for stuff to take. In particular, he discovered that the founder/administrator of CryptoRush used the same password for everything and he was able to download server backups that contained the necessary information (private keys?) to access the exchange wallets. So basically everyone involved was participating in amateur hour.

Comment: Re:Seems to be fixed for me(?) (Score 1) 318

Debian doesn't use bash as the system shell, it uses dash (which isn't vulnerable to the attack). The output from your test commands indicates that your system shell was ignoring the malformed environment variable definitions that are the very source of the problem on vulnerable systems.

Comment: Re:How did she get these figures? (Score 1) 394

by Lord_Jeremy (#47256461) Attached to: Cable Boxes Are the 2nd Biggest Energy Users In Many Homes
My DVR had an eSATA port on the back to hook up an external drive for additional video storage. So I bought a regular old external drive and connected it. To my horror, the external drive's activity light was going 24/7. Apparently, even when my TV is off my DVR was in full activity mode, recording the live TV channel to disk in case I suddenly turned on the TV and wanted to rewind two hours. It would continue doing this even after the damn thing was supposedly in "Standby" and I had to press the Menu button to wake it up.

Comment: Re:Snow Leopard (Score 1) 96

by Lord_Jeremy (#46820557) Attached to: Apple Fixes Major SSL Bug In OS X, iOS
No, you don't have a 2008 Mac Mini. There is no such thing as a 2008-year-model Mac Mini (source). The Mid 2007 model runs 10.7. The Early 2009 model runs 10.9. The 2007 can't run anything beyond than 10.7 natively because 10.8 and newer require a 64-bit EFI firmware. This is due to the newer version always booting the kernel in 64-bit mode. Some older Macs that had 64-bit CPUs, such as your Mini and a couple gens of Mac Pros still had 32-bit EFIs. You *could* run Mountain Lion or Mavericks by using a 3rd-party boot loader (such as Chameleon) that translates the 64-bit EFI calls to 32-bit. I'm actually doing that myself on an older Mac Pro. Of course then you'll discover that the video drivers for you Mini are only compiled for 32-bit in older systems and are totally absent from newer OS X versions. At a certain point, Apple (very reasonably) decided that maintaining two architectures of OS X and all included software, as well as implicitly requiring other developers to do the same was not worth support Macs beyond six years old.

Comment: Re:Problem with releasing an underpowered console (Score 1) 117

Funny, my desktop PC runs games at 2560x1600 = 4096000 pixels. Effectively double again the 1080p pixel count. The performance hit is obvious going to that rez, but considering this hardware cost about $700 three years ago... Admittedly I haven't tried Titanfall yet, it just doesn't look that interesting to me. I can tell you that Battlefield 4 runs at High settings and looks absolutely beautiful at high resolution.

Comment: Bad Attitude (Score 2, Insightful) 156

by Lord_Jeremy (#46179449) Attached to: Is Intel Selling Bay Trail Chips Below Cost?
Please, there's way more to say today.

The "fuck beta" obsession is actually making reading slashdot far more unpleasant for me than the Beta layout. A lot of people here are saying that the site leadership is totally ignoring the opinions of the community. Did any of you actually use the beta and the mobile site back in October when they initially solicited feedback? They were practically unusable, and Beta has definitely become much more pleasant to use by this point. That means that someone is listening and taking feedback into account.

Note that "fuck beta" is entirely useless feedback. The layout is going to change, there's no preventing it. Slashdot has invested a great deal of developer man-hours (aka: money) into updating the site. So lets provide useful feedback and constructive criticism. I for one am much happier with the performance of Slashdot on mobile platforms. The layout is actually responsive now, and it's much easier to browse through stories on a 3.5" screen. There are still some styles issues, notably the story titles typeface is awkward and the comments sections get unreadably squashed at times. As a matter of personal taste I dislike seeing so much empty off-white space everywhere, but a lot of UI design in general has gone in that direction for some reason.

The bottom line is this: A goddamn visual redesign of the site does not constitute an effort to kill the community. A lot of the anti-Beta noise is borderline paranoid about that. The submission system isn't changing. The commenting and moderation system isn't changing. The mechanics of being part of the slashdot community isn't changing. Hell there's pretty much exactly the same ad space on the new site as the old one. Let's all try to be reasonable and constructive. Less of the "fuck beta" more of the "I want it to do X instead"

Comment: Re:Before anybody complains (Score 1) 75

by Lord_Jeremy (#45845005) Attached to: Postal Service Starting To Use Mobile Point of Sale Tech
I had exactly the same experience at what I suspect was the same retail chain. On the other hand, I myself have developed mobile point of sale apps for my employer. On the rare occasion that the server backend for the standard PoS system has gone down, salespeople have been able to continue to check people out using just the handheld devices. It can definitely be done right, but it doesn't surprise me at all that there are many examples of how wrong it can be done.

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