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Comment Re:Penny (Score 1) 702

Canada classifies guns into one of three categories: unrestricted, restricted, or banned. Unrestricted covers rifles and shotguns, as long as the barrel and overall gun length meet a minimum requirement, no large capacity magazines, and a few other restrictions. Handguns are restricted, as are a few long guns. Full-auto is banned. Anyone who wants to hunt is most likely to be using unrestricted firearms. These can be purchased by anyone with a Possession and Acquisition License, which you can obtain by taking a firearms safety course. Canada has no registry for unrestricted firearms, so the federal government has no way to track who owns them. There are separate courses for those who wish to acquire handguns, and there are much stricter laws governing carrying/storing/transporting restricted firearms.

These laws make sense here as Canada has a lot of wilderness and a pretty strong tradition of hunting. And they seem to be striking a decent balance, as we are on the lower end of gun violence stats.

Submission + - Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster now can perform marriages in New Zealand (

scrote-ma-hote writes: From, news come in that the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is now able to solemnise marriages. The registration was listed in the NZ gazette yesterday. The Registrar-General decided that the Church met the criteria in New Zealand for solemnising marriages, as per the Marriage Act 1955, namely that the "principal object of the organisation was to uphold or promote religious beliefs, philosophical or humanitarian convictions."

Submission + - The software behind the Large Hadron Collider and the Higgs Boson (

mikeckennedy writes: The largest machine ever built is the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. It's primary goal was the discovery of the Higgs Boson: the fundamental particle which gives all objects mass. The LHC team of 1000's of physicists achieved that goal in 2012 winning the Nobel Prize in physics. Kyle Cranmer is here to share how Python was at the core of this amazing achievement!

You'll learn about the different experiment including ATLAST and CMS. We talk a bit about the physics involved in the discovery before digging into the software and computer technology used at CERN. The collisions generate a tremendous amount of data and the technology to filter, gather, and understand the data is super interesting.

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 159

the city of Edmonton, Alberta has this in their 311 app. took a pic of a pothole earlier this year, phone asked to use location, allowed it and entered a description/location. i put a takeout coffee cup in the hole for scale, and also because it amused me. hole was fixed within a month. you can track all of the various reports made (road damage, graffiti, abandoned vehicles) on a map right in app. even allows anonymous submissions, though who really knows just how anonymous it is. pretty damn handy.

Comment Re: Good example (Score 1) 345

doesn't even need screws; my Samsung Galaxy S4 has a couple small indentations around the edges to pull the back off. it just basically snaps on. add to that (anecdotally, from what I see) that most people keep their phone in some sort of case. even with the user-changeable battery on the S4 the phone is small enough that I just feel more comfortable holding and using it in a case; at 6' and 180 lbs I'm not a particularly large person, and the standard Otter Box seems to beef up the phone enough to be comfortable to use and still small enough for a pocket.

Comment HAHAHAHAHA (Score 1) 289


Whew. That was a good one. Man you had me going there, Slashdot.

Now for an encore I'm going to build a pocketwatch. Well...I'm not actually going to build one, I'm just going to talk about what one does. Then I'll outsource all the gears and springs to experts, then throw them in a pillowcase and shake the thing until i get a watch. The watch should happen as a by product.

Comment Re:DNA testing of waste? (Score 1) 177

in my neighbourhood, those "unseen areas" tend to be my garden, where i grow my food. i keep my cats leashed when they're outside and i wish everyone else would have the same courtesy. there was a woman on the news earlier this summer complaining that whenever she let her cat out it came home with a patch of fur shaved off. she couldn't seem to wrap her head around the idea that this would stop happening if she stopped letting her cat roam free around town.

Comment Re:No compelling evidence? (Score 1) 663

you can do the ketosis bit without the starvation bit if you drop carbs to 50-100g/day (or even lower if you can will your way through it, they're pretty much non-essential). I seem to fall into the same camp as you and the other child post; I did very well with ketosis the first time, got lazy with the diet, and have more issues with adherence on subsequent runs. so is the way of the carb...

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