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by LordVader717 (#47093333) Attached to: Robbery Suspect Tracked By GPS and Killed

You've being overly vague and ambiguous in your first paragraph. It might indeed be the case that few people understand the intricacies of police situations, they're not professionals after all. But that doesn't mean they're thankless. And scrutinizing their procedures doesn't equate to being disrespectful.

  As I said before, we shouldn't just be looking into the final dilemma that resulted in this tragic end. We should be asking how it got this far in the first place and whether best practices were adhered to.

Comment: Re:What a crap of title... (Score 1) 450

by LordVader717 (#47030599) Attached to: Robbery Suspect Tracked By GPS and Killed

What does thankless even mean? Any person who has had a situation resolved by the police will be very greatful, and the profession is well regarded in society.but this doesn't place them above criticism and scrutiny when something bad like this happens. We need to know if all the necessary precautions and reasonable alternatives were considered, that the best practice was executed. A simple "he pulled his gun first" isn't adequate.

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by LordVader717 (#47030443) Attached to: Why Cheap Smartphones Are Going To Upset the Industry

Voice calls are very cheap and reasonable in many developing countries such that it isn't really an issue. In my experience the connection quality is usually too low for an adequate VOIP service, but this may change with the new generation of mobile internet.

My perception is that telcos in developed markets are finding it more lucrative to milk whatever they can from legacy customers still ready to pay high prices for voice service than invest and develop new technologies and services.

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I think its more about harm minimization and giving people a basic sense of dignity. While there may be opponents, the current consensus seems to be that the visas are beneficial. In that case the people should be welcomed and not have to live with severe restrictions on their lifestyle. I think that's a more worthy cause than the more lofty concept of protecting jobs from being "taken". If we can't do that, then we should probably just give out fewer visas.

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by LordVader717 (#46686031) Attached to: Should Microsoft Give Kids Programmable Versions of Office?

Because coding is an incredibly useful skill when you realize how much of the "real world" wastes time on mundane tasks which could be improved or automated. Especially if you're in a non-engineering background even the simplest of coding skills can put you far ahead of your peers.

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by LordVader717 (#46253543) Attached to: Game Developers' Quest To Cross the Uncanny Valley

You must not have played Oblivion.

Oblivion was uncanny because Bethesda simply didn't do a very good job. They made everyone look ugly, had very lazy motion and physics, and made talking to these characters with a close up of their face a major feature of the game.
Look at other games from the era and you'll find much more realistic and convincing characters, and not just because they have lower red textures.

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Maybe you should elaborate your argument instead of being so pretentious.
The popular GSM phones of the late 90s were candybars with numeric keypads.
In case you didn't know, you can still buy these phones, ranging from the most basic to relatively sophisticated feature phones. They don't run Smartphone OSs which require large touchscreens.

Furthermore there have been recent attempts at selling smartphone flip phones and sliders which were popular in the 2000s. The reason you don't see more is because they don't sell so well (probably because they don't make much sense).

It seems you're either lamenting the fact that they don't make phones that never existed in the first place or you're just clueless about what's out there.

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by LordVader717 (#46103455) Attached to: Samsung's First Tizen Smartphone Gets Leaked

'The form factor, for example, has largely standardized on the iPhone +/- some deviation in size."

That's a bit disingenuous. You have almost every vendor offering tiny 3 inch smartphoned and their range goes all the way up to 5 inches, with 6inch "phablets" filling the gap to tablets.

I don't see any lack of design variety either. Rounded or square, Metal or plastic, thick or thin, and soon curved screens are all taking part. You also have some very risky type of gimmicks, like waterproof phones and a smart watch.

And there are certainly quite a few players in the market. The big ones are the likes of Samsung Sony Motorola LG, whilst the Underdogs are the chinese brands like Oppo, Gionee and countless others

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Grinding and turn based battles are what RPGs were originally all about. It was JRPGs which first pushed towards strong narrative.
Western developers/publishers almost completely lost interest in RPGs after the early nineties, and only recently have they made a comeback. Even so, the JRPG market is far bigger and more diverse than "Western" RPGs have been at any point in their history.

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