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Comment: Re:I live in the Northeast part of Austin... (Score 1) 88

by LordNimon (#48173527) Attached to: Google Fiber To Launch In Austin, Texas In December

I feel for you, dude. I lived in NE Austin for 12 years, but last year I moved to NW Austin. We just got sick and tired of being ignored by the city. I hope the new district plan will improve things for you. My suggestion is that you really pester your district representative as much as you can to improve things.

Comment: Re:From the Phoronix site: (Score 3, Informative) 349

by LordNimon (#47385351) Attached to: Qualcomm Takes Down 100+ GitHub Repositories With DMCA Notice

I'm a Qualcomm employee working on the Linux kernel. Qualcomm has a very thorough vetting process for publishing open source code. I would have to see the file in question to be sure, but it appears that someone in Qualcomm messed up and allowed that C file to be published. It probably should have had the Proprietary line deleted, although I have a suspicion that the file was copied from some actual proprietary code and should never have been submitted.

Comment: Re:Controllers for PC? (Score 1) 174

That is interesting given that my brother and my cousin - both big into gaming - use PC-style controls with their Xbox because they feel it gives them an edge over users of the Xbox controller.

This doesn't make any sense. There are no PC-style controllers that work on an Xbox. You can plug in a keyboard and a mouse, but they work very poorly on an Xbox. Now, there are third-party controllers that have some enhancements (extra buttons in different locations, etc). But I would not call them "PC-style" controllers.

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