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Comment: Re:How DARE you propose NOT to allow this? (Score 1) 146

by LordNimon (#46362409) Attached to: UK Government Proposes Rules To Allow 'Three-Parent Embryos'

Is the proposed law limited to mitochondrial DNA? And even if it is, how long before that restriction is lifted in another law? Once you start down this road, there's no going back. The end result is obvious: a world like Gattaca, where every unborn child will need his DNA tampered just to get a job.

Comment: When will then be now? (Score 1) 243

by LordNimon (#46007557) Attached to: Amazon: We Can Ship Items Before Customers Order

Colonel Sandurz: Try here. Stop.
Dark Helmet: What the hell am I looking at? When does this happen in the movie?
Colonel Sandurz: Now. You're looking at now, sir. Everything that happens now, is happening now.
Dark Helmet: What happened to then?
Colonel Sandurz: We passed then.
Dark Helmet: When?
Colonel Sandurz: Just now. We're at now now.
Dark Helmet: Go back to then.
Colonel Sandurz: When?
Dark Helmet: Now.
Colonel Sandurz: Now?
Dark Helmet: Now.
Colonel Sandurz: I can't.
Dark Helmet: Why?
Colonel Sandurz: We missed it.
Dark Helmet: When?
Colonel Sandurz: Just now.
Dark Helmet: When will then be now?
Colonel Sandurz: Soon.

Comment: They should make NSA-proof phones (Score 1) 141

by LordNimon (#45750023) Attached to: BlackBerry Posts $4.4 Billion Loss, Will Outsource To Foxconn

Imagine if they made phones where all communications are encrypted, and all of the encryption keys are stored on the phone itself. Throw in a Tor-like network to scatter packets, and make it so that unencrypted data never goes through Blackberry's networks or servers. Make it so that it's impossible for anyone to find out who is communicating with whom, and the phones will sell like hotcakes.

+ - ARM Server Start-up Calxeda Closes Up Shop->

Submitted by Austerity Empowers
Austerity Empowers (669817) writes ""Calxeda, the pioneering maker of low-power microservers using hundreds of ARM central processor cores and System-on-a-Chip (SoC) products for hardware appliances, has laid off most of its employees and is shutting down operations beyond servicing its existing customers and investments." A sad day for many of us."
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Comment: Re:What I would prefer... (Score 1) 80

by LordNimon (#45725883) Attached to: Roku Finally Adds YouTube To Its Iconic Media Player

Try the WD TV Live. I have one, and it's awesome. Plays MKV files ripped straight from a Blu-Ray.

As for Netflix, there appears to be some kind of DNS problem with some devices. I had to set my router to to get my TV to work. Setting the DNS on the TV to was not good enough. I suspect it's a conspiracy between Samsung and Google.

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